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Katie K.

08/04/2020 6:29AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I fell off the rails and while I know some of the weight is water weight, it’s still discouraging. Tips to drop those pounds again? It’s only been a couple weeks but the increase is substantial. Anyone else see large fluctuations if they aren’t “perfect” with diet?

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Hilary I.

Reduce your carbs, and increase your water. If you’re not already - start tracking your food with MyFitnessPal. These will help you shed that water weight and get back on track faster. The food logging with help you get your portions re-figures out after falling off the wagon.

Hilary I.

I feel your pain - I’ve been there. I’m there now

Jose B

08/03/2020 7:10AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
TIP OF THE DAY: Dumbbell side lateral raise- IMO one of the best things you can do to improve your fitness and look are doing dumbbell side laterals. If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips (pear shape), working on "capping" your deltoids will give you more of an hour glass shape. And having stronger shoulders takes a lot of load on your neck area. It's a tough exercise to do when done correctly, but the results are great. Personally, I teach my clients to do it with a slight bend in the elbow and what I call "the broken wrist" technique. This way more of the emphasis is put on the deltoid and not the forearm and elbow joint. Lots of people do it with their arms straight out, with wrists straight and as you go heavier in resistance, this puts a lot of strain on the elbow and then people get tendinitis from golfer's or tennis elbow. Here's an example of how to do it the way I describe.


No you won't look like her doing this exercise. A common misconception is lifting weights can make a female look manly. Well it's the DEGREE of training that matters and women that look like athletes have been training for a long time and work specifically to get into that shape. Doing dumbbell side laterals correctly with moderate resistance WILL NOT increase deltoid size immensely unless you're doing a progressive overload program.
Do them. Your shoulders matter and one of the biggest issues most people deal with as they age are shoulder issues. And it usually stems from muscle weakness causing pain over time.

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Jose B

Bethany F. I'll consider it. I have time now cause I'm not working till my gym reopens.

Hilary I.

I would absolutely join any diet bet you were hosting!!


07/28/2020 10:59AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • Today was my 4th Plyojam YouTube video. I did a regular workout, a step up from my beginner one and the glorious sweat was so worth it! My coordination leaves something to be desired but I’m a happy sweaty mess today!

    Hope you all are killing in this month!

    Stay safe, wear a mask, wash your hands and if you can stay home! Let’s get healthy and squash this virus!

    But seriously, look at me the sweaty happy awesomeness!

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I’m loving that post workout smile! :heart: Great job!

Hilary I.

That sweaty happiness is contagious!! :grin:
Hilary I. has weighed in at 131 pounds, down 0.2 pounds
07/27/2020 6:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!

now at 51% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 6,752 pounds! Average is 9.8 pounds.

Hilary I.

07/20/2020 2:06PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
Missed my goal for round 2 and now I’m extra determined to get it for round 3... but it’ll be hard. Dusted off MyFitnessPal and started logging food. Anyone else have new or enhanced strategies for this round? If so, what are they?

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Hannah Kay

I’m in the same boat as you Hilary! My plan is to take it one meal at a time, committed to finishing 21day fix and logging summer miles. I always find excuses so I’m having others just check in with me.

Jodi G.

I find that logging my calories makes a huge difference. All those little between meals snacks can add up. It also makes me more conscious of my portion size or food choices at meals.


07/05/2020 7:32PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
I just got home from 10 day camping trip. I forgot I was even watching my weight so that is very sad!! I’m so nervous to weigh myself tomorrow.

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Hilary I.

How did you do???

Kate G.

I'm away for 15 days on a small island with lots of family, no self catering and a large pub! Need a strategy. Might try share main meal with my petite daughter. Diet cokes as well.

Taylor S.

06/29/2020 7:53PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
  • After a somewhat lazy Meal Prep Monday, I am ready to take on the week. Better late than never!

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Katharina K.

I also need to know about the black stuff :)

Taylor S.

It’s black rice!

Jose B

06/16/2020 6:43AM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!
TIP OF THE DAY: What's my target weight? - I get asked this all the time. The usual go-to for this is the BMI index for your gender and if you're of average build. But for some like me who carry more muscle, the BMI wouldn't work (it states I'm obese). So if people want to be much more specific and be closer in accuracy, here's the method I use on my clients.
Now first you have to know your lean body mass. With clients, I can figure that out cause I have the tools at work, but at home, the easiest way is to figure out your body fat percentage and then subtract that from your overall weight to find out what your lean body mass is. Here's a site to find out your body fat percentage although it could be 1%-2% off inaccuracy.


Once you know your body fat percentage, multiply it with your total body weight to get how many pounds of body fat you carry.

IE: 200lbs total weight x 30% body fat (.30)= 60lbs fat weight

Now subtract your body fat pounds to get your lean body mass.

IE: 200lbs total weight - 60lbs fat weight = 140lbs lean mass

So now that you have all that, you just have to decide what body fat percentage you'd like to be at. Here's another link to help you decide.


Once you decide on body fat percentage, you now use this formula to find the target weight: Lean mass weight divided by 1 minus body fat percentage desired.

IE: Lean mass-140lbs. Desired body fat %- 20% or .20
1 minus body fat desired (1 minus .20 = .80)

140lbs divided by .80= 175lbs target weight.

So your target 175lbs to be at a body fat percentage of 20%

This works for ANY BODY TYPE and isn't dependent on height, musculature, etc.

Some people get stuck on the math, but take your time an follow it step by step and you'll get the target weight you want.

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Nichole T.

It seemed super high, like 58%. I was wondering if the calculator on the website could be off because I hold most of my weight in my stomach and hips thereby throwing off the calculator.

Jose B

@ Nichole Yeah, that high would put you in the morbidly obese category. There are a couple of other sites to determine body fat percentage where they measure more sites for accuracy.
Hilary I. has weighed in at 137 pounds, up 3.8 pounds
06/02/2020 12:05PM in The WayBetter Transformer - Win A Grill!

now at 7% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 1,546 pounds! Average is 2.2 pounds.