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about 5 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
#TraditionThanksgiving we used to always go to my dad’s mom’s before she got too sick so we started going to the local country club that had buffet style food and we didn’t have to worry about the prep or cleanup. Still great to see his side of the family and get together.

Happy Thanksgiving

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I long for a family that either does all the work, or says “let’s go out!” LOL. Have a great Thanksgiving!


Bless thanksgiving Lexie


about 8 hours ago in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #TT

    I didn’t have many traditions growing up, so now it’s that I’m always hostess and I never cook anything, except rolls that I occasionally forget to bake. Oh, and I always put out a doodling table cloth.

    This year is different. Our group is small anyway, but having lost my aunt there’ll be no creamed corn, no veggie crudités, no pumpkin pie. My sister is drowning in grief so I’m not sure if she’ll manage the dressing and green beans or not. I’ve made chocolate pie, and I know how to make rice and gravy, so we can at least have that with turkey that my hubs is making. It’ll be fine, just different.

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Christine P.

Love the doodle table cloth. Where do you get it?


Update: she called and asked me to do the dressing (I do not have the skill or knowledge) and said she forgot the green beans. Bless. At least we’ll be together - if she comes.

Andrea A.

11/25/2020 4:01PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #ww mine would be to cancel all my trips and save up that money, because they will all have to be canceled. Was supposed to go to Vegas next month with my best friend. Well, her work is now requiring a 14 day quarantine after travel so she is bailing on me. Which means I now have to cancel on my end. Ugh. And the airline won't even do a real refund, just a travel credit. Gag. This is dumb. So here is a #toiletselfiewednesday to make me feel better.

cheerio , Danielle S. and like this photo.

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Bummer! I hate 2020.


Go to Vegas! I went in September and was nice though it was also my first time. Only thing I was bummed about were no shows but I think they are bringing some back. Also if you rent a car Red Rock Canyon outside the city is really nice!

Darin B.

11/25/2020 3:54PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full

1. You won’t miss your 3 hour daily commute.
2. Let people know you love them, you may not have another chance
3. We have more in common than differences
4. It’s good to laugh, even when things look dark
5. Showing your bare belly to a group of strangers isn’t as awful as you may think

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Dem bellies are the best!

And 3 hrs?!? Geez.


Ha yes love these!

Aaron C.

11/25/2020 11:57AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
I am 0.6lb away from goal this month, which is also an all time low for me (post turning 15ish lol) its also where I stood pre-covid. A little surprised I've been able to cut the weight as quickly, but I guess when you don't socialize with anyone for several months, and only occasionally get shitfaced around the children, it makes it easier! Who knew!

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WTG, man. I need some of whatever you and Heather have tapped into. Send it south.


Nice! When I checked the other day I was above where I weighed in at....


11/25/2020 11:26AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #WisdomWednesday keep living your life to it’s fullest, don’t give up on yourself and don’t let shitty people get you down.

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With a smile like that, how could they?! xo


11/25/2020 8:42AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #WisdomWednesday (which turned into some RealFattyTalk)

    Mine's a bit different, because things are actually *better* in my life than they were on January 1, 2020. Yes, the world as a whole is kind of a dumpster fire, but a year ago now was probably about the worst week of my entire life. My older son was admitted to a pediatric psychiatric hospital almost exactly a year ago in the midst of a deepening spiral of depression, and my husband and I were both barely functional. (November 28th was probably the lowest point of all, but I don't want to revisit that right now.) Both my husband and I took December off work due to stress, and he was off for January as well. I did go back to work in January, but was kind of a shell, just trying to go through the motions. We were not at all okay.

    Things are really, genuinely better in our lives now. Life is still not always easy, but we're all doing better than we were, by a lot. After spending many months in the day programme at the clinic (with a break when we all got the 'Rona back in March/April) my son's back in school this year, with appropriate support, and it's actually going okay.

    So if I could give myself some advice back on January 1, 2020, it would be to hang in there. It might not pass, but it will get better.

    The photo is us celebrating with ice cream sundaes the day he was released from the clinic this July.

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Christine P.

Oh my! I wonder how old your son is. My niece, 16, went through a huge depression and attempted things I never imagined she would do this year. Life is so scary and I am glad things are better for your family. My nieces family is doing better too. I hope everyone continues on the path of finding their dreams and their happy place.


Wow, Julia. I’m so, so glad to hear that 2020 has been a better year for you and your loved ones. You all were really brave to meet the challenge and support him in the hard - not that you had a choice, but that doesn’t finish your courage. I’ll continue to wish all the best things for you guys! xo

Andrea A.

11/24/2020 7:50PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • Jogged a bit tonight. Going to regret it tomorrow. Found out my little loop in my neighborhood is 1/3 a mile. Good to know for sure. Sped walked 1 lap and jogged the second. Thank the Lord that I only had to do 1/2 a mile for the run bet. Haha. Damn am I out of shape. Like bad. So no worries, this sudden burst of doing workout things has not stopped the excessive calories that have gone in my mouth so once again, zero chance of winning this thing. You are welcome. Also, although this is a snapchat filter, my one chicken used to do this to me all the time. She would pluck my hair out till I put my hood on so she could climb all the way up. I love chickens.

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Mn M.

Lol that’s cute


Haha I was like Jeeze your chicken loves you! Also it doesn’t matter how fast you go as long as you try and it will get easier


11/24/2020 2:03PM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #BBM and #TST since I missed yesterday. Pre-run in the rain

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Hullo sexy!


Ok Mel :wink:


11/24/2020 10:53AM in King Fatty Cakes ShameGame44 #Thank-Full
  • #TravelTuesday I booked an Airbnb for my college roommates and I to have a little reunion! One of them I haven’t seen since I graduated in 2018 so very exciting!!

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Thanks Christine! I think I’m the most excited :blush: and the week before I’m visiting a friend of mine for her birthday. Lucky for me all of my friends (and myself) are beyond careful so I’m not too worried about getting the virus. I’m just excited to see my people


Yaya looks fun!
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