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Motivation & not cheating
by - 03/05/2015 6:59AM

I started my first dietbet the day before Thanksgiving and in the 10 weeks after that I lost almost ... Read More ›

Tricia H.

1. If I have a craving, I eat the junk food. I don't binge. But I eat what I'm craving. Or I'll binge later. If its a persistent feeling, then I'll go for a walk, chug water, do some stretching, start a tedious project. Whatever to distract myself. I don't believe in the word cheat. This is real life. You're going to have treats. It's not cheating. It's treating yourself. Just don't make it a habit.2. I don't beat myself up. I've accepted the fact that I'm not perfect and there's no use hating myself for having a set back. 3. I go back to why I started. I try to remember how I used to feel. And then I think about how I feel now with how far I've come. Then I imagine the even better feelings I'll have as I make more progress. 4. I ask for help. I tell everyone around me what I'm doing and what I'm struggling with and get them on board.

Tricia H.

5. You know better than that inner voice telling you pizza and ice cream will make it all better. So have a conversation with yourself. Acknowledge what's going on in your subconscious and bring it out in the open. It's the only way you can deal with it. Write lists if you have to. These are some things that have helped me. Good luck and sorry to hear about your Grandma :( *hugs*