I reached my weight loss goal once, and I would like to reach it again!

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My Preferred Method of Exercise: Zumba, Elliptical

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: No red meat

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Sparkpeople

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $1,104.95

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10/22/2020 5:42AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
I'm halfway to my DietBet goal! Time seems to be flying by. We got this!!!!!!!!!

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10/17/2020 2:35PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
  • This is my progress. First photo is first diet bet with Stacy. Photo on the right is my weigh for another diet bet beginning Monday.

    What you may not see is that shirt is swimming on me now vs before it hugged my stomach. Also, before I could barely get my legs to squeeze together to get on the scale and today it is no problem. It is noticeable that even the sleeves hang longer on my arms and further down my chest. My arms are closer to my sides. My face is leaning and I am getting my hourglass shape back. My knee isn't hurting, nor is my elbow. I have energy. My emotional health is more stable, and I feel more confident.

    I am so proud. I am really making a lifestyle change and doing this in a way that is sustainable to me. I am following keto and IF, i eat one meal off plan about every other week (sometimes once a week), and then 24hr fast right after. No exercise so far.

    This is what works for me and my relationship with food. If I was stricter I could lose faster, but I am more about sustainable anymore. I have done all the things and gone down 100lbs and back up. Finding something you can stick with is what matters most. I really hope you can find what works for you!

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You are right - It is important to eat "realistically"! Keep up the great work.

Stephanie S.

Awesome job! Your hard work is paying off!!


10/13/2020 8:57AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
I checked my weight this morning and lost a couple pounds! I have been tracking my food and trying to limit my portion sizes. I made turkey lasagna soup last night & cut back on how many noodles I added to the soup and put in less cheese than I normally would!

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Sarah O.

That’s awesome !

Heidi S.

Those are sustainable changes ones that you can keep doing long term

Leann D.

10/11/2020 2:55PM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
Ughhh long weekends are not my friend when it come to food 😞😞 I need to do better! Plus side I’m still drinking my gallon a day of water.. so not a complete fail but not feeling light today

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That's great that you are on top of your water intake! Don't get down on yourself about the food. Tomorrow is a fresh start. You got this!


Today is a new day!


10/09/2020 7:18AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
A couple years ago I started keto and lost 35 lbs and was able to maintain my goal weight for about a year. I fluctuated +/-10 lbs the beginning of this year and then gained about 20 lbs during quarantine. I started keto again a month ago and have definitely lost weight with it, but I've been absolutely nauseous most of the time, which didn't happen as bad the first time I went through keto flu. On top of being nauseous the thought of food makes me even more queasy because I do NOT like cooking, so I eat the same things over and over again which makes me sick so I don't consume enough daily calories and struggle to have the energy to make it through the day. I've decided keto just isn't going to work for me anymore. I want to start incorporating healthy carbs into my diet that aren't allowed on keto (potatoes, bananas, etc) and in a moment of weakness emailed DietBet and asked to be removed from this game because I know I'll gain some weight reintroducing carbs and honestly don't believe in myself enough to think I'll be able to win this DietBet changing my diet a week in. Definietly feeling a bit like a failure for not being able to push through keto flu. Good luck to all of you. 💪

Edit: I was able to contact WayBetter and tell them not to take me out! If I lose this bet for trying to do what works for me and feel healthy, then at least I tried.

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I've heard great things about the Mediterranean diet too! Keto works for me but you have to find something sustainable!


Keto is definitely not for everyone. The food restrictions reminds me of the Atkins Diet. I love fruits, so Keto would not work for me either. I'm glad you decided to stay in the game! Stay optimistic . . . I joined my last kickstarter a week late, and all the way through I felt like I wasn't going to reach my goal. But in the end it all worked out. I wish the same for you! :muscle:

Whitney H.

10/09/2020 5:08AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
  • I made the most delicious white chicken chili with a recipe from Campbell’s kitchen. This weekend I am going to make spaghetti squash with turkey meatballs. I need other ideas of healthy meals that are quick to make. My baby doesn’t have a lot of patience while I cook. Share your recipes if you will please!

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I don't have exact recipes but here are some pretty easy meals to prep I've tried. Some can be batch meals and frozen too. Turkey chili (better next day), turkey meatloaf, stuffed peppers, taco salad, chicken teriyaki & peppers, bunless burgers, shredded chicken for wraps or salads.


Check out Bobby Parrish on YouTube! He cooks next to his baby Rose all the time.


10/07/2020 6:56AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
I tracked my food yesterday & went for a 30 minute walk with my husband last night. No snacks after dinner!!! Feeling good & hope I stick with it. We got this!!!!!!!!

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Alisa S.

You will stick with it!! Positive affirmations work :)


10/05/2020 5:56AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
Hey everyone. I'm back at DietBet again! I did a 6 month transformation which ended in June. Unfortunately I gained back half of that weight in just 3 months :( Instead of sitting around and sulking, here I am again! I think part of my problem is that I mostly did food management and didn't exercise enough. Good luck to everyone!

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Mary B.

I jumped right into this one while weighing out of the one that was ending because my weight just goes right back up. We can do this, just stay focused on our goals!!

Britnie F.

Welcome back.


10/05/2020 3:31AM in Glow Up Goals with Losing For Health
  • Good morning and happy DAY ONE!!! Woop woop!! With the start of each game I like everyone to think about some non-scale goals they’d like to achieve during these 4 weeks! Try to make them SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely. I believe it’s always a good idea to focus on MORE than just weight. At the end of the day, learning and maintaining healthy habits is more important than a number on a scale.

    Comment one or more of your non-scale goals for this game below as well as a little intro about yourself, if you haven’t already, so we can get to know you!

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  • My name is Rachel and a non scale goal is to eat cucumber everyday as it is my very favorite food. I know that various veggies have various nutritional benefits. My goal is to eat only veggies for one full week.


  • Hi everyone! I'm a substitute teacher on a mission to complete my multiple subjects credential and working hard to adopt a healthier lifestyle. My PRIMARY goal is to use alternate coping methods, other than comfort food, to manage the highs and lows of life. SECOND, I need to closely evaluate my eating habits in order to set nutritional goals, such as my daily sugar intake, to help prevent diabetes and tooth decay. LAST, but definitely not least, I look forward to gaining more self-confidence at the end of these 4 weeks. BELIEVE in yourself, MAKE it happen, and BRING home the money! 💪😅