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MyFitspiration was founded by Hannah Curlee and Olivia Ward after beginning a lifelong journey of overcoming. Encompassing weight loss and maintenance, fitness, and all aspects of a healthy life, we want to inspire, motivate, and challenge YOU!

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04/12/2018 8:48AM

02/27/2018 12:11PM


08/06/2015 10:10AM
Thanks for hosting a fun event. I hope you got my address in one of the messages I sent. I'm going to try my best to watch you hang out tomorrow night. All the best you both. xoxo


11/28/2014 6:18PM
Hello Hannah and Olivia! I just wanted to thank you both for TWO fun dietbets with you. These were my first two, and while I did not win money, I won the knowledge that I can do this. I hope you are considering hosting another round ( or two or three). In the meantime, take care and keep laughing! xo


11/04/2014 1:29PM
Any tips for overcoming plateaus? I have been around 160lbs for three months. I have switched up diet and exercise to get past this hurdle, but zilch. I have already started to lose faith.

Reilly P.

I would love to talk to you about getting past that plateau! Have had that problem in the past myself. Can we message on here? Or it might be easier to find me on facebook! Reilly Pope

Lora G.

09/27/2014 1:38PM
I would love to know what you gals think about sparkling waters. I'm sort of an addict! I drink La Croix. No artificial any things added and no sodium. Any downsides that you can see? I want to be sure I'm not sabotaging myself in any way. So excited to do this dietbet with you and get the baby weight off once and for all!!!


09/24/2014 11:01AM
Hi ladies!! U both are an inspiration! I have a quick question. Can I use the scale at my gym to weigh in? :)

BL 11 Crew

Is it digital and can you take a picture of weight with you standing on it with the "secret" word they give you? If so then it will work...if you have questions email DietBet help!


02/23/2014 9:52AM
I'm SOOO glad I came across this!!! Thanks Olivia and Hannah! I struggle with this more than anything!!!!!!!! #kitchen is closed! :)

Gloria K.

02/22/2014 9:55AM
Hannah and Olivia, how do you tell when your body has hit the appropriate weight?


02/12/2014 6:05AM
Hey! I am so excited to buy a heart rate monitor on with my prize winnings from the invitation contest but have not received my $50 gift card. Just checking in that you have the right email...
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