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Favorite Health Food: Fruit and nuts.

Favorite Sinful Food: Chocolate, of course!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Unknown at this point.

My Approach to Weight Loss: Low carb and exercise.

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Low Carbs

Fitness/Exercise Apps: I don't use any apps

Fitness Devices: I don't use a device

DietBet Winnings: $361.82

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01/03/2018 11:49PM

Marty onthego

07/13/2015 9:23PM
Ooh! Sorry wasn't logged in so my profile picture didn't show up.


How did the submission go? Who's that stalker down below!


07/13/2015 9:20PM
Hola!!!! Of course I joined as soon as you sent the email. Let's do this. I'll submit my photos tomorrow AM.

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05/10/2015 6:54AM


That looks like a rose, I think? @)->-- for you also, Happy Mother's Day Tee!


04/26/2015 8:03PM
I haven't started one up yet... the new bet you commented on belongs to Abbie. Not sure if she's been in any bets that you've been in. I told her to be the guinea piglet and the next time I'd start the Gutless Wonders! haha So far it's just her and me in there. But there's time to scrounge up more players. I hope she gets at least 9 so her bet will be paid for.

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LMAO, Friday, 5pm!


I'll be there, have that blender revved up!


03/30/2015 6:27AM
Let me know if I'm getting too nosy, but where are you? I've yet to find anyone I connect to on a LMAO level in California. Would be fun to have some friends I could actually meet up with for bitch sessions about our feet and stairs and hauling stuff that's wayyy too heavy. Have a great week! I start a new job today so I best not be late hauling my butt into work. Catch ya later....

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Born in San Francisco, but raised in Los Angeles County. Currently live in Ventura County and LOVE it! Was living in Europe from 1984-2007 and am glad to be back. The food there was just too good to pass up... obviously. LMAO Come back to California!!!! Gotta run but here's my email so you don't lose track of me down the road. Note the double ii in the addy... no.paiin.no.gaiin@gmail.com


How did the job go? I would love to move back to CA, especially San Francisco, has to be my favorite city in the US. I love the parts of EU I've been to also, especially Italy. You were there a long time, why? Why did you come back? So, do you think you're having a hard time finding the right kind of people to get crazy with due to absorbing other cultures? twinkly2@cox.net


03/19/2015 6:38AM
Wah hoooooo Ya did it! Was holding my breath and sucking in my gut in anticipation! Glad to see that green bar all the way to the right this morning. Now on to the next one! We know how to have fun, right? LMAO


Wow, that means you knew before I did.... LOLOL, still need to figure out how this site works. I am super excited to head on to the next one with you and thanks for hanging on to the edge of your seat for me LMAO


03/15/2015 11:52AM
You're really close to your 4%! Don't make me take your bet money! A trick I learned from Biggest Loser. They gave them a last workout before weigh-in. I do that now and can lose an extra pound in just an hour on the bike/treadmill/elliptical. Work up a sweat and don't drink a gallon of water before weighing in and you'll make it.

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Just seeing this for the first time... while I drank tons of fluids and went to the bathroom all night.. LOL, I did not touch any thing morn prior to weigh in. I never thought about working out right before weigh in, that I will keep in mind for the next weigh in, Less than 3 weeks. Thanks for the info, I need all the little tricks!