Every time that I went, I fall back into my old habits and I need to stop doing that – I'm trying to lose weight so that I can keep it off!

Quick Facts

Favorite Health Food: Spinach

Favorite Sinful Food: cookies!

My Preferred Method of Exercise: weight lifting

My Approach to Weight Loss: Work out 3-4x weekly

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: Vegetarian Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, Pact

Fitness Devices: Up by Jawbone

DietBet Winnings: $457.84

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10/12/2015 11:41AM
Hi Critter, why did you underbeat your goal weight so mutch in September? Was it on purpose?Best
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You are correct and your English seems perfect to me!


gotcha :) thank you.Holding a goal weight is often harder as losing weight! Keep it going!

Danielle S.

09/15/2015 12:36PM
We have a lot in common! My favorites also include spinach and chocolate. Thanks for being so encouraging and an inspiration for those of us on this long journey.

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Haha I'm an idiot and forgot to log in before replying so I posted it to your cheerboard instead :) but you are awesome. Spinach is awesome! :)


You are an inspiration as well. Don't forget it! Diet bet needs people like you. And Val and BG ( One of the funniest most entertaining people that I have met here – shout out to BG!) I'm glad that such awesome motivational people exist. It's what keeps me coming back! So thank you Danielle!


09/08/2015 8:41AM
Congrats Critter! Whatever you are doing it's working! Are you really way below your goal weight? Maybe you should change your goal or are you getting underwieght? Thanks for your great comments on Our Best Bites!

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Thanks Val! And because my mind is not working, I accidentally forgot to log in before replying to this so I posted the reply on your cheer board instead LOL but no, not underweight – at this point, I would say I am fairly average to be honest. I have no desire to be underweight but I do have a few more pounds to lose, as I'm assuming everyone that's doing this does. But we are doing great, and you have been a wonderful support. So thank you! And congratulations on all of your hard work as well! :)


08/25/2015 8:55AM
Critter! Really missed you on my last 2 dbs. Won the first (that's 4 wins), not the second (one bad loss-oops). Just joined a transformer to kick my... ahem. Anyway, I almost wish you weighed more to have fun with me on this bet! I won't wish that - I wouldn't do that to you! Anyway, hoping I find a clone of you on this transformer, bc it hasn't been the same since!

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Hi!!! Congrats on your wins (one oops totally happens!) and you made my day! I can't tell you how many times I have thought to myself, God, this would be so much better if you were doing it too! Some groups kind of just suck to be honest LOL I hate to say it but I haven't joined one anything like the one that we were certainly a fun person to have around and I miss it! It makes it so much more enjoyable when people are friendly, motivating and FUNNY! I'm glad you are doing so awesome, you should be proud but your message made me smile and reminded me of how much strangers can make a difference in your day, your mood, your lifestyle changes...people like you are why I keep doing it, although you are one of a kind! :)p.s. Thanks for not wishing weight gain on me...cookies have been consuming my thoughts of late and it's all I can do to fight them off