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I had lost a lot of weight previously and gained nearly all of it back. I feel like I need to regain control of my body.

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Favorite Health Food: Quinoa

Favorite Sinful Food: Red Velvet Buttercream Gobs

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Circuit

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Ilana Muhlstein

06/20/2019 7:42AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Remember, it’s not veggies some, it’s veggies most!!! If you need to amp up your weight loss and still feel full, veggies up your meals. It works!!!! Share below your favorite veggie recipes!!! We all can always use more inspo!

    This recipes below:

    Roasted mini bell peppers and cauliflower made by baking them at 350 for 45 minutes with olive oil spray and sea salt .
    Slaw made with a dressing of 3 tablespoons of coconut aminos or soy sauce, 3 tablespoons rice wine vinegar, 1 tablespoon 1 olive oil, 1 tablespoon sesame oil, 2 teaspoons of minced ginger and 2 teaspoons of minced garlic .

    Zoodles lo mein I got from www.hungry-girl.c…

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Kelly J.

I throw about 3 cups of spinach/kale in my morning smoothie with 1/2 c vanilla Greek yogurt, frozen fruit and 1 T of chia seeds

bree m.

Philly cheesesteak stuffed peppers!!
:yum: Yum!



06/19/2019 9:48AM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein - via android
  • Lunch!

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Yummy salad. What is that
Protein drink? It seems convenient to have one maybe I should try that.


It is goat cheese, but I definitely like feta better. The goat cheese was very mushy.

The drink is a protein water. Come Ready Nutrition is the brand. Blueberry flavor. Definitely more palatable than most shakes or bars. Only 70 calories, no sugar, 15 g protein!

Jane P

06/19/2019 2:00AM in Walking for Weight Loss
  • Welcome to Wednesday! We're off to a great start! Be sure to check in on this post with your goals for the day and come back later and tell us how you did

    I know we all have different diet plans for this bet and that's great. I hope you'll share what works for you. I try to share what works for me. Here's a brief overview:

    I try to vary calories each day (cycle them, some higher, some lower, but average of 1500 / day)
    Of those calories I strive to eat about 80% clean (1200 calories) and the rest (300 calories) are free
    Sometimes, I may save those free calories for later in the week (a big dinner, party, event)
    Every once in awhile I may eat up to my maintenance calories
    I loosely do intermittent fasting. Usually trying to go at least 12 hours between my last meal/first meal but often go for 14-16 hour fast times (just depends on my mood and hunger level)

    This is a Dietbet and you must lose 4% of your starting weight to win the bet. But I add in walking/stepping challenges (and do weekly giveaways based on those) Just to keep us moving and to get in the habit of exercise!!

    Today's challenge: 5000 Steps by noon - you in?

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Charli T.

I still need to cut the grass but I may have air till tomorrow lol we have therapy here in an hour!!

Lara K.

And done! Crushed 10k when I mowed the lawn!


06/18/2019 5:31PM in Awesome April Transformer—ASICS Giveaways - via android
  • Salad with odds and ends from the fridge plus new groceries I got today!

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I need to like it more than I do... but it was delicious

rachel h.

Looks delicious!

Jane P

06/18/2019 5:00PM in Walking for Weight Loss
  • It's our night time check in!! Comment your screenshot (or post your steps) below

    Also, I suggest having at least 12 hours between your last meal tonight and your first meal tomorrow - that means we need to close our kitchens!!

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  • Yesterday

Ashley H.

06/18/2019 1:41PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Day 2: Workout done and now enjoying my shake!

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Ashley H.

  • Snickerdoodle!



Jane P

06/18/2019 2:00AM in Walking for Weight Loss
  • I know in the health and fitness world we try to talk lifestyle vs diet. There are many many reasons for this (being successful is the main one)
    But today I want you to think a little differently. I want you to set some long term goals - but before you start writing size 2, 6 pack abs, etc, etc I want you to really think about your lifestyle. Your family, what makes you happy and what you're comfortable changing.
    You see, we can get caught up in #'s and sizes and not think about what that means to our daily lifestyle. Yes, we want healthy and fit - but that really isn't a number. It's a feeling, a way of life, something inside.
    So today, let's write out some long term and short term goals. The short term is what we want to accomplish here in the next 28 days, but the long term is your ultimate goal - the one that you want to maintain forever via your new lifestyle once you reach it. What does that look like to you?

    And - our challenge for today:
    50 seconds each move
    Jog in Place
    Butt Kicks
    March in Place

    You in??

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Janis E.

I did the exercise challenge yesterday.

Sara W.

  • My long term goal is to eat a wider variety of veggies! I walked 1.5 miles to pick up my first CSA today!

    Short term is using new recipes day by day!

Sam M.

06/17/2019 9:20PM in Summer Strong Slim Down with Ilana Muhlstein
  • Blahblahhealthblah, but also this 👍????

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Cara S

Love this


06/17/2019 8:36AM in Awesome April Transformer—ASICS Giveaways - via android
Just started my first stepbet!!

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- Slim -

Excellent Annie!

rachel h.

I tried to sign up for one but the website didn’t appear to be working. Thanks for this reminder to look again.

Jarnae P.

06/16/2019 12:44PM in Walking for Weight Loss
The last DietBet got me out off the 200s, this DietBet will get me into the 180s! I'm super excited!

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I’m also aiming for the 189’s. I haven’t won a dietbet YET but I’m hopeful this time!!! Good luck!


Yay! I'm not far behind you!
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