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to enjoy the summer and wear my dresses again

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Favorite Health Food: apples

Favorite Sinful Food: pizza

My Preferred Method of Exercise: zumba dancing

My Approach to Weight Loss: less eat more workout

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal, s health samasung

Fitness Devices: my htc phone

DietBet Winnings: $370.87

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09/29/2019 12:55PM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
Keto lovers
What kind of tracking apps do use that can show the net carbs in food ?

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Candice D.

Absolutely carb manager. :thumbsup:


09/29/2019 12:53PM in Fatgirlfedup's Sept Slimdown
Hey everyone
Do you have suggestions for stretch marks?what should i use that can help with it ?

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Kayla M.

Mine never went away i just don’t care and just am covered in modesty anyways so nobody sees them. They faded to clear over the years though


Self confidence :yum:
Mine never went away and I think they never will!


Hey all,
Today i tried a pant that was tight on me at the beginning of the bet, i was so afraid to try it, the numbers are less on the scale but it's not so obvious to me as a body change, so i was afraid that i wouldn't feel a difference
But guess what! It's loose! I am so happy and proud and feeling that hard work pays off, all the resistance all the determination all the going to gym when i was feeling dead tired are paying off !
I hope everyone is seeing the difference
But anyway be optimistic and keep working hard , it will happen :)

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What a great NSV!


What a great feeling!!! I have a romper hanging up in my room that wouldn’t zip up when I got it but it was too cute. I look at it everyday as motivation! Can’t wait until it fits me too!!


I went on a trip and i made it!
It was a weekend trip 3 days, i am on my way back now and i made it!, before i leave i was so scared that i will screw my diet!
I made a strategy before i leave and i listed what's allowed and what's a red line i cannot cross, which rules i will be ok to bend and which are not
During the trip I always tried to go to places where i knew i can find good food for me and end up being full and happy, so i would try to check the places we wanted to go to and what they have, i also had cooperative friends once i said i am doing keto they understood my food list and didn't push me, i like that a lot of people are familiar with keto now!
I am proud of this accomplishment
But still I have to get home and weigh for this week, so fingers crossed for that

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Jisel P.

I reached 10% weight loss today! Went from 243 to 218.6 in just under three months (84 days to be exact). It took a lot of work: tracking calories on my fitness pal, almost daily exercise, the support of two friends also on a weight loss journey, participation in a lifestyle program through my insurance provider, decreased sugar and carb intake and putting an end to my life-long binge eating issues. I didn’t starve myself or work out like crazy or do any unsustainable fad diets, and I didn’t get into a cycle of restricting and binging, which is a first for me. I still have almost 60 pounds to go, but I’m feeling pretty proud of myself today! My blood pressure is down, all my clothes are baggy, and activities of daily living, like giving my daughter a bath, are much easier. My next goal is to get to 200 by my November 1 trip to visit family in Colombia. It’s an arbitrary goal, but setting short term goals tends to help me stay focused.

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Grace N.

Wooow, that’s amazing. Thanks for sharing. Your post is super encouraging.


I am so proud of you! You are an inspiration, keep it up, goals are always good to keep u on track, what ever motivates you is a good goal, you can do everything you set your mind to ")


Today was a long one!
First i had a very difficult day at work! Which left me tired emotionally stressed and craving for comfort food, i decided that i will eat something nice but i will choose something healthy, it wasn't easy as i went to like 10 diffrent places untill at the end i found a place which serves something ok with no added potato, rice or bread and not fried food, which is so difficult to find as i noticed! it was delicious and guilt free :)
Then i met a friend who insisted on having ice cream and brought home made cookies! but i also managed to have sugar free lemonade (soda with lemon) and not eat the cookies, it wasn't easy though, the temptation was big, but i felt so good that i could do it! But my friend was not very happy with me, i am gonna have to get used to that!
Small changes, small steps
Take it one day at a time ;)
We can do it

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Andrea T.

My 6th day on Keto and I’m exhausted my legs feel like rubber and no energy I hope this gets better.

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Andrea T.

  • For electrolytes I take this in a bottle of water once a day


Me too! I don't have energy to move!

Jennifer M.

I’m down 32 pounds since May 21, have won 3 DietBets in a row and just rewarded myself with an air fryer and a digital food scale!! If I can do this anyone can do this!! Now someone teach me how to use my air fryer, 😂😂!

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Anything you want to make google search 'air fryer recipe (insert food name)'


I am very proud of you! Thanx for the motivation..i donno how to use an air fryer :joy:


I am struggling so much at the gym
I am part of a cross training team, with all you can imagine of body weigjt training like push up, pull up, chin up, squats.. and it's so damn hard for me with (89 kg) to do any of them i push my self as far as i can but i feel that my joints are screaming at me, i see the others doing these and i feel less
I feel that i have a loooooong journey and i want to give up
I tear up many times at the gym but i am still pushing
I am hoping i will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometime soon

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I am 140lbs and strong but I’ve never been able to do some of these exercises either. Focus on you and just do what feels good. Modified exercises work just as hard!


Thanx for ur opinions, Yes sometimes i forget to enjoy what i am doing and i just want to reach the 100% performance which is impossible without going through the struggle first! And depressing if u think of it this way
I do swimming occasionally sometimes biking, but i found that sticking to a class helps me commit more
Maybe something more refreshing like zumba can also be a good idea


Hey All :)
Yesterday for me was a huge struggle, it's Friday my friends are going out to eat and drink, and i felt that i am still not ready to face temptations so i didn't go out, but still i was craving everything!
So staying home actually was not so easy too
I decided not to eat at night but yesterday i couldn't do it, i first made a lemonade with stevia for sweet cravings it helped for about an hour only then i made a milk shake with lactose free milk, cocoa and a spoon of honey that was good but u know calories intake at 11 pm is not so good! then i slept but woke up at the middle of night craving more! i ate sugar free chocolate and for some reason like 100g of peanuts then went back to sleep again(like 600 kal!)
I hate when this happens :/
Do u every experience middle night cravings that wakes u up !
What do u do?

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Stephanie Z.

I am going to look in to the podcast mentioned above. Some mornings I wake up and see a notification from the dietbet app which makes me open it up and start reading all the post.....the best part is after reading all the post/comments and seeing how successful others are and how others struggle like me, plus tips and tricks on how to make better choices and what not....it motivates me for my day, so now I try and look once each day when I remember! Maybe listening to the podcast in the AM while I get ready for work would help too! Can’t wait to listen!


It’s okay to go out and enjoy yourself! You aren’t ruining your diet if you enjoy one night out (just don’t make a habit of always going out)! But I struggle sometimes with cravings. I found a nice keto brownie mix on amazon that helps when I’m having intense cravings because a small brownie is really filling :blush:
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