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07/01/2019 12:18PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
Just submitted my final weight-in. I won, but I'm not really satisfied because I always gained a little in the last 3 rounds. Now I will have a "free" summer, and I guess I'll be back here on September for a final kickstarter to reach my wanted weight.

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06/14/2019 7:53AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
App is finally (?) updated for me too. Ew.

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D.A. B.

"Ew." Agreed. But maybe it'll grow on me. I wonder why they did it. I don't know enough tech to notice any "bugs." As long as I can chat with youse guys then I'm happy. :-)


I am quite getting used to it. Still don't love it, but I hate changes in general so I know I will need some time to accept it!

Shelley V

06/06/2019 1:44AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
Hmmm... I read messages from last round about the new Dietbet App but mine hadn't changed until this morning. Oh my goodness. Looks like it will take getting used to...Hopefully this doesn't mess up the final weigh in.... anyone that did it with the new app and has lessons learned to share?

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Laurie L.

I promise it’s ok :grin:


Mine still hasn’t changed either. I wonder why.


06/02/2019 5:56PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • Made it with one extra pound of wiggle room! So happy I chose to do this 6 month one instead of just the month, it’s really made me stick with it in a way I never have. now to just keep it off - staying strong with whole30 approved lunch prep for the week! 👊????

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https://www.thekitchn.com/recipe-sesame-chicken-celery-root-salad-227040 this one! I added red cabbage and green onions :)


Downloaded this recipe as well, it looks great! And I just bought a Thai basil plant, can't wait to use it! =P


06/01/2019 10:00AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Ok, so my weight in was 0.2 kg more than last month. I've been stuck this round. Even if I'm below my 10% goal, I need to work on June!

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I'm using it as well :) in my case, I guess some workout improvement is what I need!

amanda c.

Sometimes your body catches up to your progress and you need to switch it up. Try a different type of workout or have a serious treat meal then get right back to work. A high calorie high fat day then right back to it always helps me break through those plateaus!


06/01/2019 3:57AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
I need a reminder: are jeans allowed in the "airport attire" for the weight-in? I always wore sweatpants so far...

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I heard of people being naked in their photos. But that was last year. Lol.


Wow, I was embarrassed at my pijama-weight-in, guess they saw worse things! :joy:

Irina P.

05/19/2019 10:56PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Is there a diet bet that asks you to just maintain your weight? I've lost almost all I wanted, so I don't want to join anotber 6 month transformer that will ask me to lose more weight. But I'm afraid I'm gonna gain weight back if there is no outside control...

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Kelly P.

I wish there was a maintainer too!

Sandra G.

Maybe use stepbet as a motivation?


05/10/2019 9:40AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
NSV. Maybe. Not really a victory... I'm looking for an outfit for my brother's birthday party and just came to my mind I have a new pair of skinny jeans I bought a couple months ago. I washed them and never wore them. They were a part of my "wardrobe revision" after I lost 5 kg or so. So, I just tried them on and they can't go. Too loose. So I will probably never wear them, not once! This is going to be expensive...

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Laurie L.

Welcome to my world. Could be worse though. Lord knows I’ve gone in the exact opposite direction so many times!

Leanne K.

That’s an awesome problem to have! I’ve been selling my bigger clothes to fund my smaller ones. As a bonus, it’s nice to shop and not be judged!

Sandra G.

05/06/2019 2:10PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Has anyone tried the StepBet app. I saw it advertised here and it's from same company I believe... any feedback?

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Yes, correct. The invested $ 40 and the winners cut of $ 2.64. I might anyhow join another StepBet as it keeps me moving. And I for sure don't want to lose the invested money (participation fee), no matter how low the winnings are. :wink:

Tina G.

For comparison, in the member games, I’ve seen winnings (over and above the bet) ranging from $6-28. $7-12 is most common in my experience. Accelerator and Marathon pay well; Recovery is on the low side (but lets you lower your step goal). If you max out your three-game limit, and you’re walking anyway, it is well worth it (IMHO).


05/04/2019 1:39PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
  • Got to do some walk today! ??? New personal highscore! ?

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Congrats!! :clap::clap::relaxed::tada::tada::tada:


Is that 33,583 steps?? Wow!!!
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