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Favorite Health Food: Bell peppers

Favorite Sinful Food: Mexican

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Zumba and strength training

My Weight Loss Program: Atkins Diet

My Diet Plan: Keto Diet

Fitness/Exercise Apps: MyFitnessPal

Fitness Devices: FitBit

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+1.1% Since last weigh-in+1.8 lbs
+1.1% 1-Month Change+1.8 lbs
-3.3% Lifetime Change-5.8 lbs

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Krissy C.

12/12/2020 6:27PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
  • Not slowing down this weekend!!

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Sarah W.


Tamra B.

12/10/2020 11:57AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
Hey guys!! Does anyone have the Fitbit app and want to do some challenges to get steps in?

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Me too I’m on a different timezone but would love to join


I’ve added you...I’m in for any work week hustle

Krissy C.

12/09/2020 10:00AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
I fell off the wagon in a bad way. I’m trying to hop back on it again! I may not hit my goal but I am at least going down swinging!

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You’ve got this!!


Same :sob:

Kayla R.

12/01/2020 3:53AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
I was doing well for the week before Thanksgiving and the days leading up to Thanksgiving. Since Thanksgiving, I’ve been having a hard time. We cooked so we have had tons of leftovers including desserts. Today is a new day and I’m planning to get back on track. Anyone with me?

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Cindy D.

Yep - let’s go...!

Sóley E.

You can do it, just hang im there!

Krissy C.

11/28/2020 4:08PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
  • I decided to turn left over turkey into a healthy soup 😋

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That looks delicious!

Krissy C.

It’s super simple. 2 cups of celery and carrots, half cup onions, 1 can tomatoes, 3 tbsp basil pesto, and three quarts chicken broth, a package of tortellini.

Sauté onions and celery and then add all ingredients except tortellini and turkey, simmer 15 mins, then add turkey and tortellini and simmer for 10 more mins and the finished :grin:

Sara K.

11/23/2020 1:35PM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
What are your favorite work-from-home online workout subscriptions?

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Tisha A.

Figurerobics by JungDaYeon on YouTube. I learned of her about 5 years ago via an article my husband saw. She is Korean, slightly over 50 (I think), and is amazing. She looks fantastic too. She is my favorite! Her movements are very simple, basic moves to music. It is low impact and is great if you have any back pain, like me. It almost looks too easy, but the workouts totally kick my butt! Also, there are very short workouts that you can fit into a busy schedule. :blush::muscle:

Krissy C.

Beachbody OnDemand

Krissy C.

11/22/2020 11:45AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
I’m very excited to get started, even with the holidays looming. I started this pandemic out strong, losing weight and getting stronger and then pandemic fatigue set in and I started getting depressed, lazy, and started gaining weight. It’s time to get that back off! Let’s go!

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Sammmeeee!!! We can do this!


11/22/2020 10:24AM in Fatgirlfedup's Holiday Kickstarter
I have done a number of dietbets, most successful and some unsuccessful. Even with all that has been going on this year I was doing really well until we reached the end of summer roughly. I started putting weight back on sometime towards the end of August/ beginning of September. Rather then let myself gain even more weight I decided it was time to sign up for a dietbet. My other concern is this time of the year, not so much holiday time, but colder weather. I don't like the colder weather, the warmer weather is what I love. The colder weather can put me in really bad slumps so I figured/hoped this would help avoid that as well. After this Kickstarter I plan on doing a transformer, specifically since I have a ways to go till I reach my goal weight. I am very thankful for dietbet and hope to truly make a decent dent this time around with all my plans of the dietbets I am going to do, starting with this one!

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Krissy C.

I’m the same way. I get seasonal depression and even though I live in a warm winter climate, the time change messes me up. We can do this though!!


Yes we can do this!!!!