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rosanna p. has weighed in at 188.9 pounds
05/24/2019 6:05PM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine

Total weight lost is now 869 pounds! Average is 1.1 pounds.

Nichole J.

05/13/2019 2:54AM in Choose to Lose with Jasmine - via android
Let the countdown begin! I'm excited! 😊
What tricks/tools do you guys use to help maintain your weight loss mindset and habits?
I dropped the ball one month ago and I'm struggling to pick it back up again.

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rosanna p.

Lots of water. Lots!!!!

Vanessa P.

I follow tons of health and fitness lifestyle Instagrams.


04/22/2019 5:47AM in Spring in to Success ! - via android
How long did it take for your weight to be verified? In the past it's only taken 2 to 4 mins for me but Ive been sitting here waiting for like 30 mins now :S

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I finally got verified!!


Easter morning must have been a busy day 'cause I'm sure there were a lot of people like me squeaking to their goal before Easter dinner. I weighed in really early and it still took over 4 hours.

salma y.

04/22/2019 5:28AM in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
Massive congratulations to all the winners and “losers”. I lost 5/9lbs I needed for this DB and while I didn’t lose all 9lbs, I gained control of myself. I’m getting stronger everyday, learning to avoid emotionally eating into oblivion. I have the power to lose this weight and feel good about myself..... and the pounds will come off. Slowly but surely. I’m in no rush. This is my journey. 😘

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Great outlook, Salma! You've got this. :)

Bina O.

Yesss. Love this

rosanna p.

04/07/2019 9:37AM in Spring in to Success ! - via iPhone
  • Scale isn’t budging. Can’t work out because of doctors orders (minor c section complications).
    But eating healthy and using the 21 day meal plan to stay on track to win the diet bet!

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There we go!! Keep it up!


Feel better!!