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Isha B.

05/27/2020 8:39PM in GET SET FOR SUMMER !
  • Hey! I'm ISHA from Toronto, Canada. First timer! I realized - consistency is the key to letting go off weight that's not serving me anymore. So, slowly learning to shift my workout and eating habits! It'll be nice to have more accountability! Look forward to supporting myself and others!

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fit ro14

I’m in gta as well!


Hey Isha ! Welcome :grin:


05/24/2020 5:48AM in Franny's May DietBet
Need some help/advice/ encouragement ... I have gotten a little lax the past couple days. Snacking here and there and my scale is up. We have a week and I have like 2 1/2 lbs to drop ... anyone else in this same boat or am I up the creek without a paddle ?!?

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Shoot for low carb or keto snacks. Instead of regular stuff. I have found some great new stuff that I actually like. :relaxed:

fit ro14

I have 2 lbs to lose ... we still have lots of time!! :)


04/01/2020 12:08PM in Fight through April w/ Franny

Hi Team,
Day 1 we are here and committed to our health and losing the weight. I weighed in yesterday and have a goal to hit of 174.9 feeling pretty focused and excited to have a new low goal to hopefully reach. Please take some time to introduce yourself on our dietbet wall so we can all learn about each other and perhaps find someone who we can relate to. We are all here for the same reason but we all have different stories and back rounds which make these games unique and allow us the opportunity to learn from one another. I appreciate everyone who takes the time to share a bit about yourself as it helps me learn about you all individually. I know there are a lot of you and only one host but I really do take the time to learn about you all as best I can. If you're posting on our thread I'm reading them and responding :) UPLOAD YOUR DISPLAY PIC & leave your IG handle below if you want so I can follow you and anyone else in the game, lets follow eachother on our socials!

Most of you probably know my story and about my weight loss but if you're new here or to my games I have naturally lost 150 lbs through diet and exercise. I aim to keep my carbs low around 100 g a day or so depending. I love cardio and weight lifting, though that wasn't always the case. My entire life up until the age of 26 I was morbidly obese. I had no drive or focus on anything except fast food and drinking. I decided the summer of 2015 that I was going to change, big shocker I didn't actually fully make the needed change until January of 2016. In 2016 I lost 100 lbs in 10 months. Since then I have lost an additional 50 lbs. w/ the same routine and the help and accountability of dietbets! Just know that I am so happy you are here with us and so proud of you for taking on this challenge w/ everything going on around us. Please drop questions below in this thread so I can get them answered for you! Follow me on IG @isfrannyfityet @isfrannyfitydietbet to keep up with me and for daily motivation!

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Kielee B.

Hey everyone! My name is kielee and I'm also from Ontario Canada. I am 25 and married and we have 1 dog so far. No kids yet but hoping to in the future. I'm hoping to get my weight down before we start trying. I've currently lost 40lbs and have been stuck in a rut for too long. I really hope with diet bet this will keep my accountable and on track.

I've followed you on Instagram for almost 2 years now and I love watching your stories!! You always give me so much motivation and I love how real and transparent you are! Your super inspiring

My insta is @kiel_piel_17

Macey M.

Hey franny! My name is Macey, I have been following you for a while now and I absolutely have to watch your stories every day! :joy: I am currently losing weight for my wedding! I work as a nurse tech in an ER so with everything going on i have fallen off of the diet game for about 2 weeks


03/31/2020 9:18AM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • One year & about -25 lbs difference. Last March I weighed in for my DB at 207 lbs (left pic) this morning I weighed in for our April game at 182 lbs (right pic)
    I made so much progress last year and for the most part have been maintaining the 180’s since January. I’m happy with it but of course would LOVE to hit a new low and keep losing as I prepare for my tummy tuck this year. I was originally scheduled for plastics (FDL Tummy Tuck) April 2nd but with the COVID outbreak everything has been put on hold. So with my surgery date up in the air I am working even harder & looking at this as an extended time to prep. The leaner I am before surgery the better. It seems impossible to break out of the 180’s but I won’t give up! I remember when I used to weigh 330 lbs. my only goal was to get into the 200’s. I remember making small goals for myself but getting out of the 300’s was just a dream and here I am at 182 trying to get out of the 180’s. Hard work and dedication will get us ALL to our goals. So happy you’re all here to lose some weight and of course better our overall health.

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Shaneil E.

So excited to join for the FIRST time!

Gretchen G.

You are looking great!


03/24/2020 12:01PM in Fight through April w/ Franny
  • Happy #TransformationTuesday everyone. Trying to keep a normal routine has been hard but not impossible. I have been running 3-4 outdoor miles a day and incorporating some dumbbell work to try and keep myself lifting a bit. Looking forward to this next game starting 4/1 I NEED IT. Dietbet keeps me focused and on track. So happy to get started again even in the middle of COVID19 we can be successful and continue our health journeys! Lets prove them wrong.

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Teri N.

You are an inspiration

fit ro14

Franny you look awesome. Thanks for always being such an inspiration. Thanks for holding this diet bet during this time!
Personally, i have fallen off track a bit and gained about 7 lbs so I need this dietbet to nip this and get control back!! :heart: