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07/22/2019 4:57AM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
  • Good morning everyone ! the game has officially ended and you are able to submit your final weight NOW ! You will have until midnight TOMORROW PST. So if you still need a day to work towards that goal, you’ve got it!
    Please leave all questions about your final weigh in here so nothing is missed.
    For this RE-using an official progress weigh in it seems you will have to go to DietBet.com on a desktop computer/laptop.. NOT the app or your phone.
    Thank you all for being SO ENGAGING - SO SUPPORTIVE !! This has been my favourite group yet ❤
    My next DietBet is the end of August and registration will open in a day or two .. hope to see some of you there!

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Kendra C.

Just wanted to echo others and say that I loved being part of this group with an awesome host. I made it to my goal just in time, but even if I didn’t I would have considered it a worthwhile investment in myself. Thank you Jasmine!

Mary M.

Hi Jasmine, I never received my payout. I requested via PayPal and it has not yet come?!


08/19/2019 10:40AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
Ya girl has gained 3 lbs.. I weighed at 195 this morning, super frustrating but its my own fault so it is what it is.

Good news is my back is feeling better and I'm headed to Chiro this morning to see what they say! Haven't been taking any of the pain medicine the last 2 days so that is good news also, slow and steady my back will be fine. I just keep reminding myself to rest and not push myself. I am grateful I'm still under 200 lbs. but I could have been making so much more progress. This to shall pass!

I hope you all had a great productive weekend with just 10 days to go it is crunch time. I would try and keep an eye on the scale the last week maybe a little closer than the first 3 do not obsess over it but try to just see how your body is reacting to what you are eating ETC. Keep you water intake high and continue with your calorie deficit those are 2 major key factors as well as REST make sure you are getting enough hours of sleep every night for recovery. I hope you all know how proud I am of you and I am cheering you all on!

This week I will be doing 3 giveaways Monday, Wednesday and Friday! Today I am giving away a sample pack of Built Bars to someone from the comment section of THIS THREAD! It will be at random. All you have to do is update me on your game, let me know what progress you have made or even any mistakes ETC!

Remember the winner will be picked from this post so make sure to drop your update in the comments below! I will pick a winner tonight at 9PM PST.


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Sarah S.

I am under 200 for the first time since, if I am honest, before I got pregnant with my second. This is the lightest I have been in years. So excited! My pre-baby clothes fit and I am just thrilled.

Betsy D.

I saw this too late to enter but just want to say I love Built Bars! My faves are the coconut and the banana, and I also like the mint brownie one.
rosanna p. accepted the challenge.
08/11/2019 6:39PM in Fit For Fall with Jasmine
The pot is now $1,330

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Catherine H.

08/06/2019 6:51AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny

I'm ashamed to admit I have not worked out once since this bet began. Life has been pretty hectic recently and something always seems to come up. Last Saturday I was signed up for a spin class at my YMCA at 9am, which I look forward to all week every week, and at 8am I got a text notification from my bank about a check that posted to my account that I did not recognize. Someone stole my checkbook and committed fraud. Cue a frantic phone call to my bank which took some time to deal with, and I missed my class.

That said, I have been doing GREAT with my food and I know that is the biggest challenge for me, so I still feel good and I know I'm going to crush this challenge. Weighed myself out of curiosity this morning and I have already lost enough to be 50% towards my goal!

Tonight after work I am GOING to the gym and nothing is going to stop me! 💪

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Kelly S.

I hope everything was worked out with your bank! That would heart dropping

Catherine H.

Update: I went :) Burned 500 calories among three different cardio machines.

Marci G

08/05/2019 5:58PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
Anyone ever cancel with in 7 days and know how😭

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rosanna p.

You have to email diet bet I believe

tamera t.

08/05/2019 4:34PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
Question! How do y’all manage to get to your water goals every day without spending the day in the bathroom!!? Do I just have a really small bladder because I have to find a bathroom every half hour and it’s super inconvenient! Help!

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I think my body just got used to it? I used to hardly drink any water (diet mnt dew fiend :raising_hand:) and now i drink more than a gallon a day while running a business and meeting with clients for 2hrs+ when necessary

rosanna p.

Your body will get used to it in no time.

Arden P.

08/05/2019 3:27PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
Anyone else postpartum?

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rosanna p.

5 months postpartum here!

Sara B.

A year...
rosanna p. has weighed in at 176.4 pounds, up 0.3 pounds
08/05/2019 12:05PM in Midsummer Melt with Franny

now at 15% of their goal

Total weight lost is now 610 pounds! Average is 0.8 pounds.

Cheryl T.

08/05/2019 8:17AM in Midsummer Melt with Franny
My body is so messed up. I went on a retreat this weekend and I gained 8 pounds. I ate differently than I usually do but not to excess and I even went on a 2.5 hour hike. I'm feeling discouraged.

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Norma T.

You got this girl. Just get back on track and drink lots of water I bet its mostly bloat. Crazy how water can make a huge difference, but don't be discouraged plenty of time to crush your goals!!! :)

rosanna p.

That’s water weight. Just stay on track for this week and u will lose it

Jessica H.

07/23/2019 4:05AM in Drop it like it's hot with Jasmine!
I tried REALLY hard, but I wasn't able to pull it off this time. I've done a few dietbets and this is the first one I lost, guess it was my turn. Still proud to be 8.4lbs down!! Congrats to everyone who lost this time around!

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rosanna p.

That’s a lot of weight down in 4 weeks. Good for u!! Congrats.


Heck yeah.
That old adage: You can't win'm all

It wasn't for naught, though. Think of the benefits and progress of the last few weeks. You did good!
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