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Favorite Health Food: Cucumbers

Favorite Sinful Food: Mac and Cheese

My Preferred Method of Exercise: Running

My Weight Loss Program: Weight Watchers

My Diet Plan: I don't follow a plan

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Nike Run App

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $33.12

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05/22/2019 5:42AM in May Makeover with Picktritionist! - via iPhone
So the Keto diet seems to be working for weight loss but oh my, I feel slow as molasses. Like I got beat up! Is this normal at first? Anyone else doing Keto or have experience with this? My muscles seem very stiff and I’ve not really worked out.

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Thanks Kelly, definitely eating fat but maybe not enough. Someone just told me electrolytes and salt are important to add. I’m doing it because I have all the symptoms of being insulin resistant and am fearful of diabetes. The weightloss is a nice bonus but I think I’ld give up if not for that.


It lasted about 2 weeks for me. I was irritable and felt like I was dying lol. Then it just went away. Like everyone else said, make sure you eat enough fat and drink a ton of water. I didn't drink enough water at first and got horrible charley horses at night!


05/21/2019 9:48AM in May Makeover with Picktritionist! - via iPhone
Hi everyone! My name is Kelly and I’m a vet tech from Connecticut. This is my 3rd DietBet! After losing my last one I’m really committing this time! I’m a big fan of home workouts so if anyone has any favorites send them my way!

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Noha M.

I love turbofire, body compat. Core de force and other beachbody programs. I should start 1 today but havent decided which one. Do you have any of them so we can be workout buddies?


I actually just signed up for beach body on demand again. I’m going to start with 21 day fix next week.
Kelly accepted the challenge.
05/19/2019 5:27PM in May Makeover with Picktritionist!
The pot is now $1,560

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Kelly has weighed in at xxx pounds
05/07/2019 12:05PM in Shred for Summer with Liz Cort & Team Fit Mom

Total weight lost is now 3,024 pounds! Average is 3 pounds.

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04/26/2019 4:36AM in Shred for Summer with Liz Cort & Team Fit Mom - via android
Only lost 0.2 pounds so far. I've noticed I've still been over eating so I was wondering how you ladies overcome cravings and saying no to extra?

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Le Kim

Hey Val if I’m having difficulty with my cravings I do a strategy. I basically eat light, amp up on my fluids, only eat fruit, veggies, and maybe a shake during the day. And at night for my dinner I indulge. For me this has helped. I find the longer I ignore my craving the more anxious and frustrated I become. I up my cardio and for some reason the more cardio I do I’m seeing the less I crave and the more I want to eat healthy. I would say 5 MOs in, I’m rarely if at all binge eating when that always a daily struggle for me. So best of luck to you.

sheena g.

I work in a place that our patients always bring candy sweets and pastry. So it’s hard to stay away but the goal is there so I tell every coworker don’t offer me any haha because I usually can’t say no. I try to bring breakfast lunch and 3 snacks. And I try to eat smaller portions every 2-3 hours apart with my fluids in between. It helps.

Syd Journey

03/23/2019 8:05AM in Syd’s Marching into Fitness DietBet Game! - via iPhone
  • First weekend challenge is live! I want for all of us to try a new exercise that we have never done before. There is a machine at the gym that I have never used because I’m too scared that I’m not strong enough. But how do I know I’m not strong enough if I never tried it out?? So this is for all of us that are scared and nervous to try new things. We can do it!! Even if this means you try out your first burpee,first pushup, or maybe you walk a little farther than you usually do. STEP OUT OF THAT COMFORT ZONE!! I’ll be picking one winner for a $10 Amazon Gift card on Monday morning 3/25/19 PST. Feel free to post picture of you trying out your new exercise or a simple comment on what you did will work. Now let’s get moving!!

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  • First cycling class down! It was so much fun!!



Syd Journey

03/04/2019 1:40PM in Syd’s Marching into Fitness DietBet Game!
  • **Pinned Instagram Post** Feel free to post your Instagram below so we can all support each other :) Also please go ahead and upload your picture on your DietBet account so we can put faces to names. Settings > account settings > upload photo. Horray!!

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Luisa G.

Hello, my IG is @lugobo01