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Brittany W.

09/13/2020 12:38PM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Week 1 Consistency Challenge
    We need to begin keeping the promises we make to ourselves. By joining this months challenge you are dedicating a portion of your time and energy this month to making positive changes for your body. Let’s honor those intentions by being intentional about staying consistent!
    Much of this challenge is going to be mind over matter. You will have to make choices daily, to stay on track, or deviate from your plan. Deviation is not always a bad thing, sometimes it’s needed, but for this first week I challenge you to stick to your chosen course of action like glue.
    Something I found myself saying a lot when I first began to change my diet was, “that thing (insert food here) will always be here but I won’t be.” We have a limited amount of time on this planet, seize this moment and use it to prepare your mind and body for the weeks ahead.
    Drink more water. Eat more veggies. Take walks after dinner. However you’re planning on reaching your goals, let’s be consistent.
    This week 9/14-9/20 track your food, water, and movement every day. I did this throughout my journey on my daily planner but you can use an app, the notepad in your phone— whatever method you feel will work best for you!
    Tracking is a great tool because it gives you a frame of reference when things go pear-shaped. If tracking calories is your thing, you can certainly do that too, but the method of tracking I’m referring to is simply writing down everything you’re eating, drinking, and doing to aid in your success.
    Submit your tracking on 9/20 to a thread I will post on 9/19 to the group and I will announce the winner on 9/21!
    This week you will be playing to win a $50 Amazon giftcard! I will give away 1 giftcard to someone who completes the challenge and 1 to someone who tried their best but may not have stayed as consistent as they’d hope!
    Let’s kick this baby off right! Y’all are going to blow this challenge out of the water!

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  • Didn’t do too bad!

Rebecca S.

  • I hope Im not too late. Just drive 5 hours by myself with my 2 kiddos. Realized I didn’t have the energy to fill in the last couple entries since I was out of town for the weekend, and didn’t take my book with me, but I hit several goals this week!

Brittany W.

09/12/2020 8:11AM in Instant Loss Fit for Fall
  • Most of us have been on the diet train for the vast majority of our lives which means at this point we know pretty well what works and what does not work for our bodies. What works for one, may not work for all. This is why I don’t give a dedicated plan for these challenges.

    Throughout this process I really encourage you to dig deep and evaluate your past experiences with weight loss. What worked, what didn’t, was it sustainable, was it too hard to keep up long term?

    If you’re still unsure of how to tackle this and you need a formal plan to get you started, I have a one month meal plan in each of my cookbooks, Instant Loss Cookbook and Instant Loss Eat Real, Lose Weight, with detailed instruction on how I lost 125 pounds in a year. Take the principals mentioned, keep what sticks, and discard the rest. The best diet to adapt to is the one that you can follow the longest!

    On Sundays I post the weekly challenge! They begin on Monday and I will announce the winner the following Sunday along with the new weekly challenge!

    How's everyone feeling?? Are you ready to knock this challenge out of the park?

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Marina B.

Im so ready!!!

Molly C.

I am ready but was hoping to start this with a new schedule and then yesterday I found out we had to quarantine so I am nervous because I am going to be working from home now while trying to help my 4 kids virtually learn.