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08/22/2021 8:19PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!

  • Today, I practiced self-care by:
    -Sticking to my meal plan;
    -Fueling up on nutritious, delicious, energizing, and satisfying food;
    -Sleeping 8 hours;
    -Sticking to one serving of Skinny Pop popcorn;
    -Drinking 160 oz of water; and
    -Learning about burnout from Brene Brown and the Nagowski twins.

    How did you practice self-care today?

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Tahlia B.

I went on a long bike ride because it sounded like fun. :blush:


None of those other things sound as impressive as sticking to one serving of popcorn. Kudos!!!!


07/09/2021 12:49PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • I’ve been severely overweight most of my life. I can’t tell you how many “Day 1”s I had. Most days I would eat like it’s the last time because I knew that “tomorrow” I would start eating right and exercising so why not indulge today. “Tomorrow” never came. I got serious about losing weight 5 or 6 times and lost 20-50 lb at a time, but always gained it back.
    Last year something clicked. While being stuck at home for most of the pandemic I started taking small steps and lost instead of gaining. Over 90 lbs down and for the first time in a long time I feel like I can make it happen. I was 350 lbs at my highest last year.
    The biggest win so far is that I stopped being afraid of food and making every day a perfect day. I stopped tracking calories because I know exactly how much I need to eat and when to stop to lose weight,m. After spending my whole life trying to lose weight I could easily coach people at this point, I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT IT, just not when it comes to myself lol.
    I won my last transformer and hope to lose more in this one. If you need a buddy, I’ll be happy to connect elsewhere to help each other through. Just know that wherever you’re, it’s not too late and it’s not hopeless.

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That is simply amazing Sasha! Great job! Just love your shirt, too! I just added you as a friend and look forward to supporting you and getting support from you!

Jennifer C.

Congrats! That is fantastic! Keep it up!

Jeffrey C.

07/09/2021 11:05AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!

It's proven that people who state their goals AND their strategy to get there have a much better chance of making it.

We already know the goal (10% of bodyweight in 5 months)

So what's your diet and exercise strategy to lose it?

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Lindsey P.

I’m doing a weight lifting program that tells me exactly what workouts to do! So sticking to that. And training for a half marathon that’s in November! I’m doing the 3 plate, 2 snack rule. Lunch and dinner is 50% veggies! And one snack must be fruit/veggies. Because I’m trying to get out of my binging habit so I don’t want to track calories. 100oz+ of water daily! I also set a big goal reward that if I loose 25lbs by the end of this transformer (a few more than is required) I’m buying my last missing piece to my home gym that I’ve put off cause it’s the most expensive part!

erinE R.

My strategy is:
1) 100 oz water/day
2) workout 5+ times per week at least 30 minutes (classes, running, walking, any way of moving my body counts)
3) Whole foods. Lots of green veggies and protein.
4) limit alcohol

Marlisa B.

07/02/2021 8:41AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Hey everyone! I’m live-with caregiver to my 89 year old mother whose love language is food! Makes losing weight difficult.
    I participated in the Transformer for the first half of the year & only passed the first round. I am determined to do better this time! I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been, so main goal is to lose weight. Along with that will come my overall goal is to live a more healthy life. I plan to be more active in the chat, hoping that will help keep me accountable.

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P D.

I just finished a transformer that just ended. And I’m glad you haven’t given up and you have faith in yourself to achieve your goals. Sometimes it takes a few steps forward lots of steps back and more steps forward. But eventually you’ll achieve your goals some of us just take more time than others. Welcome to the group.

Disney Mama

You got this! I think I agree about the food as a love language and I’ve embraced that language over the pandemic and ready to switch it up to a healthier version


07/01/2021 10:53PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • I just won my first 6 month Transformer game and was 15 lbs under the game goal! I’m afraid I’ll feel like it’s enough if I don’t keep playing. I’m still 275 lbs, so I have ways to go, but in the past I would always start strong and then my will to keep going died down. Not this time, I’M COUNTING ON YOU, PEOPLE! And you can count on me too, for sure :)
    I’m 29, single gal, no kiddies, anybody else in the same boat? :)

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Way to go, Sasha! Keep up the good work!


Last transformer 311 to 258. It’s really a stretch, but hoping to get to 199 by the end of this transformer!! We’ll do this by planning and perseverance! :grin: