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PolkaDotted accepted the challenge.
11/10/2021 11:39PM in The Yes-vember Transformer - Triple Your Winnings!
The pot in Round 1 is now $16,415

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09/11/2021 1:21PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
I just realized that there are 3 habits that I have completely broken:
1. I don't eat while watching movies. (Food and movies aren't paired anymore).
2. I don't snack while watching football anymore😳
3. I don't snack after dinner anymore.

I didn't realize it until someone in another game asked for healthy football snack ideas! Wow.

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Alice B.

Snacking is what took me to my current weight... I realized that when I started food logging. I think it is boring to do it, it sooooo helpful! I’m eating good meals, I’m never hungry, and I’m slowly losing weight.

Rachel S.

This is fantastic! Way to go!


09/06/2021 3:23PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
I will most likely not make weight in this round. If I win all other rounds, will I still qualify for the Disney prize drawing?

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Yay! Thanks!


08/07/2021 10:05PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
What? Only $23?!! If my math is right, we should be getting $230!

Is the an error?

What the heck is going on?!!



j/k, just an obligatory end-of-the-first-round outrage comment ;)

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You got me! :joy:

Heather M.

Ba dum bum!

WayBetter Kristin

07/30/2021 2:00AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Stop right there!

    Take just 1 minute to get your heartrate up.

    What did you do? (Also, share if you saw and did this multiple times through the weekend!)

    Research shows that short bursts of activity can improve overall health and weight loss and ditching the “all or nothing” mentality may help individuals be more consistent with their activity.

    Breaking exercise into small chunks on your overscheduled days can also keep your confidence up, since skipping it altogether can make you feel tired, guilty, or depressed.

    To get us all thinking, here are 5 ways to get a burst of energy in your day.

    1. Jog in place, squat, plank, or wall sit during commercials (or between episodes while streaming).

    2. Dance like nobody is watching! Have a 5-10 minute dance party and see if it doesn’t also elevate your mood!

    3. Spend 5-10 minutes walking or climbing stairs for every hour you spend sitting at your desk.

    4. Do standing pushups (against the wall or counter) while waiting for dinner to cook.

    5. Do a quick sweat-sesh before each shower. Try a few kettlebell swings, burpees, jumping jacks, lunges, etc.

    Is there something you do each day that you can turn into 5-10 extra active minutes?

    Share some ideas you have!


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Elizabeth M.

I ran/walked a mile in place while watching a movie at home. Wow!! What a great idea. Thank you!!

Tahlia B.

Taking the stairs, going for an extra walk, swimming (instead of just floating). :thumbsup:

WayBetter Kristin

07/19/2021 5:30AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Two weeks left of this first round!

    How are you feeling about your Round 1 goals?

    I have to admit, I'm off to a slow start. We just got back from the cabin and today I'll be meal planning and I have a few WayBetter games helping me with my fitness.

    What is your game plan for the week?
    Share your commitment right here!

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Tracking—if I bite I will write it!!!

Jenny L.

Working out 3-4 times a week on my days off, sticking to my eating plan and prepping and lots and lots of water :sweat_drops:


07/16/2021 7:48AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
It's been just shy of a week and I'm not sure I like my new renpho scale. Well. I don't like it's information!😂 For example, I lift weights. Usually, I notice an increase in weight the day after. I always attributed this to water/inflammation from sore muscles. But my renpho keeps telling me I'm fatter the day after lifting (fat percentage is higher). How rude! I might need to limit my renpho weigh ins to once/week and use my old scale for my daily weigh ins. Thoughts? (And please don't say, "don't weigh yourself everyday." Because I will. I've weighed myself almost every day of my adult life...except when I'm gaining and want to be in denial.😊)

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Magnesium helps me on those days.


How is your body weight the day after workouts (not just bf)?

Impedance scales estimate what proportion of your total weight is bf. Assuming constant weight (for simplicity), if bf goes up, then something else goes down. In your case, the things going down could be glycogen and water.

Assuming the scale does a decent job in estimating bf%, it could be more informative for you to look at changes in fat mass over time, i.e., bf% x body weight.


07/09/2021 12:06PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
  • Since getting back into Keto, been craving pickles like crazy! Any other pickle fanatics in the group?

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Rachel S.

Yum :yum: im also a big fan of pickled mushrooms and okra, especially the spicy ones!

Megan L.

Yesssssss!!! We have 5 jars in the fridge right now lol !!!


07/04/2021 11:40PM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
"Ladies and gentlemen, let the 2021 Hunger Games begin – and may the odds be ever in your favor!"

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That was perfect!

Jessica J.

Really feels like it huh?
PolkaDotted accepted the challenge.
07/04/2021 10:21AM in Magic Transformer - Win A Trip To Disney World!
The pot in Round 1 is now $14,735

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