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When your friends try and sabotage you weight lose
by - 08/11/2017 10:28AM

Sticking to a weight-loss plan is hard enough without the onslaught of night out invites and homemad... Read More ›

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Thanks for posting this Ally. We are always going to have distractions. Just dust those comments off and keep going to your most fabulous best you ever!


"Once you realise that this behaviour says more about them than it does you, you’ll be able to look at ways to move past it, and not let them disrupt your goals."This is absolutely what it comes down to. Some people don't understand your motivation and I think for them to see a person succeed and push away things that they could never see themselves illimnating from their life makes them feel weak and also jealous. Whatver you change in your life for the better, there will always be people who feel some sort of envy because they have not managed to bring themselves to do what they've always wanted to do to better themselves yet see you succeed in doing just that. It's a threat to them and so they project their insecurities and weakness' on you by bringing you down even when you're doing a great thing. Focus on reaching your goals first and if it comes down to it communication always brings more clarity to a messy situation and sometimes people need to hear the truth. Great read and so true! Thanks for posting.