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It's time to get comfortable in my own skin again.

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Favorite Health Food: Salad - I can't get enough!

Favorite Sinful Food: Mac n Cheese

My Approach to Weight Loss: Cut out the junk, portion control & move

My Weight Loss Program: I don't follow a program

Fitness/Exercise Apps: Fooducate, Livestrong.com Calorie Tracker, Apple Watch Activity Tracker

Fitness Devices: Apple Watch

DietBet Winnings: $129.23

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-0.4% Since last weigh-in-0.8 lbs
-1.4% 1-Month Change-2.6 lbs
-12.5% Lifetime Change-26.4 lbs

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Jessica P.

04/01/2019 6:54PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
Anyone struggling with low blood pressure and attempting to eat healthy and exercise? What are your tips/tricks? I've been doing broth & Gatorade but it's not cutting it and the Gatorade is like drinking sugar water 😒

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snake mauss

Wear compression tights. Helps keep the blood up too while the skin shrinks up to put pressure on your veins.

Laurie L.

I only drink water, but if you’re having Gatorade definitely don’t go with the regular. Get the G2! Best wishes!!

Jennifer M.

04/01/2019 4:47PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • I am proud of my 21.4 lb weight loss but it is clear my weight loss is slowing. Im glad it’s still moving in the right direction but it’s time to get serious and get it moving down a little quicker.

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Don’t forget that it also slows down bc you are losing actual fat now. Not just water weight.
But yes, still a good idea to Get serious again!


Same here... I think finding a balance is important though! Going hardcore tends to make me fall off the wagon!

Jennifer M.

04/01/2019 1:59AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
I am a round 3 winner and I have lost a total of 21.4 lbs since January 1st. But realize I need a little kick in the pants to lose weight at a quicker pace. I joined a kickstarter for April need to lose 7.5 lbs.

Whether you won this round or not, step back, take a look at what you have accomplished since January 1st and be proud.

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Laura K.

I’m thinking about doing the same! I’d have to lose just over 6 lbs this month and not sure if that’s doable. Only need to lose 2.5 to win this game.

Jennifer M.

Laura K., I need to lose 2.8 lbs to win this diet bet overall. Unless you are close to your ultimate goal weight, 6 lbs is totally safe and doable. That ends ups being roughly 1.5 lbs per week. But only do what you are comfortable with. You have to feel good about your choice so you are not setting yourself up to fail.


03/31/2019 3:56PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
As many DBetters might ask themselves this, I would like to share (again) this information from DB referee Kim regarding early weigh-ins for DB members:

"An approved weigh-in can be reused within 48 hours but it doesn't happen automatically. You will still need to log into your game to initiate the reuse process.

To reuse the weigh-in tomorrow simply log into your game and click "weigh-in" then click "weigh-in" again. That will prompt you to reuse the weigh-in. This resets the word to match and automatically uploads the same pics. Easy peasy! :)"

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I just tried to resubmit my Saturday weigh-in and wasn’t given the option to use it. I have done the early weigh in before without problem. I have submitted a help request but thought I’d see if anyone else is having trouble. Thankfully, I’m still close enough to my goal that I think I can re-weigh if necessary. But Eeeek!


Update: the awesome referees at Dietbet responded and my Saturday weigh-in has been officially submitted making me a round WINNER!

Jennifer M.

03/30/2019 3:37AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
  • A friend of mine, Thomas Davis, who is a certified Personal Trainer, posted this on Facebook the other day. Such a great message!

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Jennifer M.

03/30/2019 3:36AM in Jillian Michaels' Spring DietBet 2019 - via iPhone
  • A friend of mine, Thomas Davis, who is a certified Personal Trainer, posted this on Facebook the other day. Such a great message!

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Luv this

Jennifer M.

03/23/2019 4:51AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes
Tell me about Lift 4. Those of you who are doing it, what do you like? What don't you like? Are you seeing results? Are you following their calendar exactly? I can't seem to get back on track with T25 maybe because it was too much jumping. I plan to try Lift 4 starting on Monday so any advice you can give me would be appreciated.

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I have plugged in those workouts when I can’t get to the gym and I like them. I have had 3 surgeries on my knee and I basically have to use all modifications on the HIIT portion, but I love having a good weight lifting workout option at home when I can’t drag myself out of the bed at 4am.

Biking Syl

About the jumping: I found that just stepping from side to side feels like cheating but I am still getting in a great workout - without busting my knees.

About Liift 4 - I liked that it is a calm workout. Modifications and good form are explained well. I started it in December, before the flu threw me off. Thinking about getting back to it, right now focusing on cardio.


03/22/2019 3:55AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via android
  • Breakfast to go on my way to the mountains...

    Have a great day and weekend, dear DBfriends!! :-)

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snake mauss

I swear you’re just here to make us all jealous! Happy spring!


  • Thank you, snake mauss!! If, then only "good jealous", which I see as shared joy. :-)

Jennifer M.

03/15/2019 5:03PM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
This week got the better of me. Whiskey with snacks instead of dinner. I’m sure I went way over calories tonight yet I couldn’t stop myself.

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Erika P.

Hey- sometimes it happens. Shake back today and let last night/this week go. Be extra good to your body today and all will be fine. Hope next week is better!! :blush:

Amber H.

03/15/2019 9:12AM in 2019 Lasting reSOLUTIONs—$6,000+ in Prizes - via iPhone
I’m not gonna lie, I have been kind of frustrated with this DietBet. I was losing so much weight until I signed up for this and now the scale isn’t moving. I find myself becoming stronger with my workouts and I believe I’m gaining muscle, but it’s still frustrating because I bet everything upfront and there’s no way I will be able to lose my entire goal before the end because my scale hasn’t moved. 😕

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Kate L.

Try not to worry too much. It's way too early to say you won't win it, frequently stalls end suddenly with a big whoosh of a loss all at once. Tweak something and just keep on going.


Keep going!! Eyes on the Round 5 goal - even if you never make the ones in between. You can catch up!
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