Transformer Rules

  • Bet Payment. Players can place their bets on a monthly basis or in a single upfront payment.
    • Players who are paying monthly must keep an updated credit card on file with us. If the card expires or is declined when the next round is billed, the player will be notified by email to update the card. If the card is not updated within 48 hours, the player will be ejected from the game and forfeit any winnings. If the player is disqualified for not reaching their Round 5 weight goal, they will be refunded for their Round 6 bet as it is billed before round 5 is finalized.
    • As a reward for going "all-in" up front, players who elect to place their entire six-month bet at the start of the game will be charged for five rounds (instead of six). Over the course of the six rounds, "all-in" players thus end up contributing less into the pot than monthly-bet players but still receive an equal share of the pot if they win. Conversely, monthly-bet players retain the option to drop out midgame.
    • Pots blend bets from monthly-bet players and all-in players. At the end of each round, the pot for that round is split evenly among all the winners of that round, regardless of their payment method.
    • Half of all bets go into the pot for Round 6 (the Grand Prize). The other half goes into Rounds 1-5. If a player betting monthly elects to drop out mid-game, the money they've contributed into the Round 6 pot remains in Round 6 pot.
  • Refunds. Players who selected to pay upfront may receive a full refund of their bet up until Day 14 of Round 1. After Day 14 there are no refunds for players who have selected to pay upfront. Exceptions may be made for players that have medical reasons for leaving the game. Players being removed for medical reasons will only receive a refund for unplayed rounds. Players who paid upfront will not receive a refund for the 6th round, as it is the discounted round. Documentation must be provided to DietBet for verification purposes. No refunds will be made after the game ends. No exceptions.
  • Dropping Out. Players who have chosen to place their bets on a monthly basis may drop out at any time and avoid being charged for future, unplayed rounds. To cancel, monthly players should contact DietBet customer service before the end of their current round. Credit cards are charged on the first day or each round.
  • Initial Weigh-In. Initial weigh-ins establish a player’s official starting weight. The initial weigh-in must be submitted starting from 48 hours before a dietbet begins up until 14 days into the game. Players joining late do not get extra time to submit their initial weigh-in nor extra time at the end to meet their goal. If a player fails to submit their initial weigh-in, they will be disqualified with no refund. Note: weights are never revealed without a player’s explicit permission, except privately and confidentially to the DietBet Referees.

    Weight loss goals for each round are based off the initial weigh-in for the game:
    • Round 1 – 3%
    • Round 2 – 6% cumulative
    • Round 3 – 8% cumulative
    • Round 4 – 9% cumulative
    • Round 5 – 10% cumulative *MANDATORY WEIGH-IN!
    • Round 6 – 10% cumulative

    *Note: In order to qualify for Round 6, players must have lost at least 6% of their initial weight by the end of Round 5 (with a verified weigh-in at the end of Round 5). This is to ensure safe weight loss and prevent unhealthy sprints in the last round.

  • Final Weigh-In (or "Weigh-Out"). Final verified weigh-ins may be completed during a 48-hour window that opens at 12:01 AM, PT after the round’s last day. At the end of the 48-hour window, no new weigh-ins are accepted. Players who have not completed a verified weigh-in during the 48-hour window can no longer qualify to win that round. If your final weigh-in is received during the 48-hour window and rejected by our Referees, you will have 12 hours to re-submit your weigh-in (only one re-submission is permitted).
  • Mandatory Weigh-Ins. In order to qualify for winnings at the end each of the round, players must submit an official monthly weigh-in after the round has ended. You will have a 48-hour window to submit this weigh-in. Players who have not submitted a verified weigh-in during the 48-hour window can not win that round. Note, that weekly token weigh-ins are separate than monthly weigh-ins. In order to qualify for the Grand Prize at the end of Round 6, players must have submitted an initial weigh-in at the start of the game, a final weigh-in at the end of Round 5 (and lost at least 6% of their starting weight by that point), and a final verified weigh-in at the end of Round 6.
  • Multiple Game Weigh-Ins. If you are in multiple games at once and their weigh-in windows overlap, you may submit one weigh-in to apply to several games. When you submit your weigh-in, you will be prompted to specify for which games it should be used. If you do not select a particular game, your weigh-in will not count for that game. This applies to Kickstarter, Transformer, and Maintainer games, as well as Token and Round weigh-ins.
  • Photo-Based Proof of Weight. For verified weigh-ins, players must submit two photos of themselves on a scale for review and approval by DietBet's Referees. The first of the two photos must be a head-to-toe shot of the player standing on a scale wearing lightweight clothing (no shoes, hats, belts, watches, coats, or outerwear). The player's face must be clearly visible. The second must be a close-up of the player's weight, as indicated by the scale, with a piece of paper in the shot showing the weigh-in word. The weigh-in word will be distributed by DietBet at the time of the weigh-in and serves as an official timestamp (i.e., to ensure the photo was not taken at a different time). Please be sure to use the current word that is displayed on the screen as you begin the upload process, as it does change throughout the weigh in period.
  • Auditing. DietBet uses random checks and algorithms to detect unusual activity within a game or across games and employs an auditing system where some players may be required to submit extra proof of their weight loss using a video weigh-in. If you are flagged by our system for an audit, you will be required to submit a video weigh-in for all future verified weigh-ins until the flag is removed by one of our Referees Failure to comply with our audit requirements will result in disqualification and forfeiture of your accumulated winnings and any pending bets. You may also be banned from playing again and subject to other penalties. We have a zero-tolerance policy on cheating.
  • Dress Code. Weigh-in dress code is lightweight clothing, as defined above. In addition, players must wear substantially equivalent clothing for all verified weigh-ins. Our Referees review weigh-in photos side-by-side to ensure compliance.
  • Scales. Whenever possible, the same scale should be used for verified weigh-ins. Scales should be digital or doctor's scales and placed on a hard, flat surface. Analog scales are permitted but significantly increase the likelihood of an audit.
  • Kilograms, Pounds. Players may weigh in in kilograms or pounds. DietBet automatically harmonizes units when calculating leaderboards and winners.
  • Strict 48-Hour Window For Final Verified Weigh-Ins ("Weigh-Outs"). The window to submit a verified Weigh-Out begins at 12:01 AM, PT after the final day of each round. The Weigh-Out window is 48 hours and players will be prompted to enter their final weight during this time. Players claiming to have won must then prove their final weight to our Referees according to the verified weigh-in process set forth above. Once all Weigh-Out submissions have been reviewed by DietBet's Referees the round will be finalized and winners announced.
  • Goal Weight. The weight required for a player to win a given round is the player's official starting weight (verified at the beginning of the game) minus the cumulative weight-loss goal for that round. You can win a round without having won previous rounds (for example, you may miss the target for Round 1 and still win Round 2 by losing 6% of your starting weight by the end of Round 2).
  • Winning. Any player at or below his or her Goal Weight, verified by our Referees, shall be declared a winner of the round unless any of the following are true:
    • They have been removed by DietBet
    • Their total weight loss exceeds the maximum amount allowed for that round.
  • Disqualification. Each round in the Transformer has its own disqualification threshold. If you lose the maximum allowed weight or more, you will be disqualified for the remainder of the game. This is to prevent players from going overboard or using bariatric procedures during the game.
    • Round 1 - 12%
    • Round 2 - 18%
    • Round 3 - 24%
    • Round 4 - 27%
    • Round 5 - 30%
    • Round 6 - 30%
    Also, you can be disqualified for losing 12% or more in a round. For example, your starting weight is 200 pounds and at the end of Round 1 you were 192 pounds. If you then lost more than 23 pounds in Round 2 (that is, more than 12% of 192 pounds), you would be disqualified.
  • Payouts. Winnings from each round will be accumulated and held until the end of the game. Once the game is over you can cash out. Players betting monthly have the option of dropping out mid-game and claiming their winnings at that time.
  • Disputes. Decisions by the DietBet Referees shall be final.
    Code of Conduct and Safety Rules
  • Age. You must be at least 18 years old to play.
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) To avoid unsafe outcomes, your starting weight must be such that if you were to lose 10%, your BMI would not drop below 18.5 (considered underweight by the US National Institute of Health). You will be asked to provide your height during the initial verified weigh-in so we can calculate your BMI.
  • Prohibited Actions. Players caught engaging in any prohibited action shall be ejected at the sole discretion of DietBet's Referees. Ejected players shall not be entitled to a refund of bets or purchases. The following actions are prohibited:
    • Pregame binging or excessive hydration.
    • Purging (self-induced vomiting) or excessive dehydration.
    • Engaging in weight-loss medical procedures during the course of the game.
    • Any and all unsportsmanlike behaviors, as deemed so by the DietBet Referees.
    • Tampering with scales.
    • Doctoring weigh-in photos.
  • Maintaining Civility. Social dieting is about improving health. To that end, we aim to create a supportive environment that’s fun, safe, and motivational. Like all online communities, a few bad actors can ruin the experience for everyone else. We ask our players not just to adhere to the following guidelines of good sportsmanship and decorum but also to help us enforce these standards of decorum throughout our community:
    • No intentionally misrepresenting one’s weight.
    • No playing in bad faith (playing repeatedly in a manner of “hustling”).
    • No manipulating the outcome, including colluding with other players, betting on a dietbet you are not competing in, betting on someone other than yourself, betting on someone to lose, or otherwise interfering with the fair course of the game.
    • No harassment of players.
    • No embarrassment of players.
    • No disclosing confidential information such as a player's weight.
    • No posting photos without permission of the subject or photographer.
    • No gaming of the system by creating multiple accounts, forging weigh-in photos, or otherwise attempting to alter the weigh-in process.
    • No business, product or self promotion posts in the games.
    • No nudity.
    Disclaimer and Indemnification
  • Know The Health Risks. Consult with a qualified healthcare provider before playing in a dietbet as losing weight can be risky under certain circumstances. Players assume all risks of their participation in our games.
  • Play Responsibly. Don’t engage in a dietbet where you can't safely reach the target weight in the allotted time, or when you cannot afford to lose the money you've bet.
  • Legal Restrictions. DietBet does not permit use of its services in jurisdictions where such games are illegal.
  • DietBet

    A dietbet is a contest to lose a set percentage of your starting weight in a set amount of time. Players all bet money into the pot at the outset of the game. Winners split the pot.

  • Transformer

    A Transformer is a dietbet where players compete to lose 10% of their starting weight in six months.

  • Round

    A Transformer is divided into six rounds. Each round has it’s own weight loss goal, bet, and pot.

  • Referee

    A Referee (or Ref) is an agent of DietBet who manages official weigh-ins.

  • Bet

    The bet for the round is collected by DietBet and kept in the pot until the end of the round. Players have the option to pay the entire bet upfront or pay monthly by credit card.

  • Pot

    Half of the bet goes into the pot for the current round. The pot, minus DietBet's cut, is distributed to the winners after DietBet’s Referees finalize the round’s results.

  • Grand Prize

    The grand prize is split among all players that qualify for Round 6, and successfully lose 10% of their starting weight at the end of the six rounds. It is comprised of half of the monthly bets for the first five rounds plus all of the Round 6 bets.

  • Unofficial Weigh-Ins

    Unofficial weigh-ins are self-reported by players during the dietbet and do not require photos.

  • Official Weigh-Ins

    Official weigh-ins are controlled by DietBet's Referees and entail a photography-based weight-verification process set forth in the Rules. Only Official weigh-ins are used to determine winners.

  • Lightweight clothing

    Lightweight clothing is the dress code for official weigh-ins: lightweight indoor clothing with no shoes, belt, hat, or outerwear. Pockets must be empty. No pocketbooks, watches, or other accessories.

  • MVP

    During the invite period of a dietbet, the MVP is the player who gets the most friends to join the game. There are daily MVPs and an overall MVP. The overall MVP may win additional prizes, depending on the game.