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Denise L

07/17/2020 11:59PM
Hello is there anyone here in this group?


01/23/2018 11:57PM
I have two LCHF games kicking off in February, both exactly the same in terms of support, just differing levels of commitment depending on your finances (and confidence!):

$10 Commitment: http://dbet.me/1wAFtF
$50 Commitment: http://dbet.me/yTDeVu


01/23/2018 6:43PM

I'm always looking for new ways to make my Dietbets fun and rewarding.

So if you love dresses with pockets as much as I do, I have some exciting news! I've partnered with eShakti to give participants in my next Dietbet $35 off their first purchase! THIRTY FIVE BUCKS!

I wrote to eShakti and explained that I reward myself with a new eShakti outfit every 5kgs that I lose. It's so much fun designing an outfit and updating the website with my new measurements (all of their garments are completely tailored to your body for under $10) and I wanted my peeps to have the same experience.

I am happy to share this code with my Keto group as well as my dietbet participants. Use gift code MICHELLESLATERB8 at checkout. New customers only, can't be used with any other promotions. 

Feel free to join my upcoming February Dietbet for low carb support, meal plans, recipes, exclusive workouts, giveaways and promos. x