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Katie C.

04/01/2015 2:04PM
I'm wishing I did not put up money for this weight loss challenge...not sure what I was thinking. At the time, I felt like it was an equal feat for anyone to lose 10% of their body weight but now I realize (too late) that this "% weight loss" strategy does not even the playing field at all! The closer one gets to the baseline of what the human body should weigh, the more difficult it is to lose weight. A 400 pound person will have an easier time losing 40 lbs than a 100 lb person will losing 10 pounds and that is just a fact. I guess I"m just bitter that I did not realize this early on and now I see that I'm going to likely lose all of my money because my body simply will not shed the last three pounds I would need to win this challenge. I workout five days a week (either running 3 miles or doing 40-minute strength training videos) and eat a 1700 calorie diet and my body is just done losing weight at 127lbs. Anybody else feel this way (i.e. that this game is not fair for us)?

Adriane S.

Hi Katie...have you had any luck in the last two weeks since this post? I know it's difficult to lose weight when we are working with a low starting weight. Just wanted to see how you were doing.


Hey, I just joined diet and I'm excited for the added encouragement and tips from other members. You don't want to over exercise so I wouldn't really add anything there, other than maybe alternating a run for a swim or bike ride etc. As for your diet, I know that changing things up can really help get things moving again. 1700 calories consisting of calorie dense foods like shakes, dairy, nuts, fats etc is not going to do you much good. Try switching your calories to low density foods that are low in fat as well. Sub apple sauce for oils, use non-dairy milks, eat more plants and beans. You didn't really go into detail with what you are consuming, but this is a good start. Good luck!