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Yooper Girl

02/25/2015 5:22PM
I am looking for some advice, I want to buy a treadmill and wondering what kind to buy. Does anyone on here own a treadmill & how do you like it? What name brand, make & model is it? I really miss jogging and -30 is too cold for me, plus I am afraid of falling on the frozen tundra....... Thanks!!!
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Yooper Girl

I bought the proform 995c and love it but the track slows down on me alot. I just increase the speed but then my actual mileage walked is wrong. I need to work on it and read the manual.

Mihai S.

Depending on your pace/weight, a good treadmill might be too expensive, while the cheaper one too ineffective. I would suggest connecting your bike to a turbo trainer or buying a cycle machine instead. That's the best bang for your buck in my view. Modern smart turbo trainers can be connected to a PC and display yourself riding in a virtual reality. I use something similar at the gym and it's just like the real thing. You instantly forget that you are in the gym and not outside.