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Adriane S.

09/01/2016 1:24PM
Hey everyone! Is this community still active? I am getting back into DietBet and fitness, 5 months after my baby boy was born! Time is scarce, so instead of the original Insanity, I'm doing Insanity Max 30 workouts every other day. Not following the program, obviously, but the videos are great as standalone workouts, too!

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08/03/2016 10:45AM
Hey everyone! I'm Rachelle! Growing up I bounced between 145 and 180. Before I had my daughter I was down to 142 and when I was pregnant I hit 222. I got back down to 185 but then the depression of divorce hit me hard and I hit an all time high of 255. I'm currently 246 and want to get back down to about 150. My biggest evil temptation is soda and monster energy drinks and a friend recommended Dietbet! So I started my own bet to support people cutting back or giving up soda and energy drinks and since I'm a single mom and low of funds I decided to do a $10 bet. It starts August 6th but I have some other fun ones in mind also! If anyone is interested in joining me, please send me a message or friend request and I'll send you the link! I'll do my best to post every day in my games to help keep everyone checked in and motivated! I would also love recommendations for which program people liked best :)

Marie W.

11/05/2015 6:23AM
Loving P90x

Kasi G.

11/17/2014 10:41AM
Hi! I started Insanity on Sept 1, and lost 27lbs by the end :) I kind of started Asylum soon after, but then went on vacation and got sick, so I'm picking it back up at day 3 as of this morning. I didn't realize just how different the two would be!

Kaitlyn S

09/30/2014 2:10PM
I created this group and this disappeared! (Sorry!!) I went to Melbourne for the weekend and was staying in a hostel but today I am back and ready for some INSANITY! I know this group is small but what month/program are you guys on? :) Sometimes I lack motivation to do month 2 because it's longer than month 1 and I've done the program 3 times through already.

Chelsy M.

I just started the second month this week! Ah it is intense! You know it is the best if you love yet are afraid of it.

Kaitlyn S

09/24/2014 3:13PM
Today I will be doing Max Interval Plyo! I hate it but I also kind of like it since the last set of workouts is only 6 minutes long, haha.