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02/20/2019 5:50AM

Quick tip to help you along your journey… regular weigh-ins can keep you on track! And as added motivation, we offer weekly Progress Prizes to DietBet Members who complete Progress Weigh-ins. Not a DietBet Member? Click here to become one today for prizes, exclusive features, and added accountability.

This week's prize is an All-Clad Stainless Steel 10-Piece Cookware Set with each set valuing over $600 each! We will be giving away 8 of these sets so just be sure to submit a Progress Weigh-in by midnight PST tonight to be entered. If you’ve already submitted a Progress Weigh-in this week (you’ll likely have noticed a greyed-out button) you’re good to go. If you’re unclear about your status, your Membership Page will say “Entered to win” if you’re set.

Progress Weigh-ins and Progress Prizes are weekly Member-only features that reward you for keeping yourself accountable. If you're not a Member, you can become one at any time. Not a U.S. resident? We’ll provide the cash value of the prize. Have more questions about membership? Check out the FAQ here!


Natalia B.

09/14/2017 3:16PM
Hello Everyone!! I look forward to interacting with you all. I just heard about DB a couple of days ago and liked the idea so much that I started my own Shake It Till You Make It challenge because I'm an organizer at heart. :) Sending everyone positive vibes that we'll all meet our health goals in all of the challenges we take!

Mackenzie S.

06/23/2016 2:19PM
Hey guys! I just joined this group and I just started my own DietBet. It's a $10 bet that starts on July 4; that's a tough food holiday for me so I'm hoping that starting a game on that day will help keep me in check. I would love to have you join me! I'm including the link in this post, all you need to do is copy and paste it into your browser. www.dietbet.com/games/84848#how-it-works

Jenny W.

04/24/2016 10:16AM
Hi! I am new here, starting up for a healthier lifestyle. I am a regular size 41-year-old with too much internal fat, and a family history of health issues relating to an unhealthy lifestyle. Read my blog, cheer me on and help me out :-)


03/13/2016 12:25PM
Hello, my game starts on the 15th but the weigh in portion of the game is open. Join now for only $10! Here’s the link: http://diet.bt/bTUWWz


02/27/2016 4:58PM
Is there a scholarship for people who lost weight?

Ali-Biggest Loser

01/12/2016 2:28PM
I hope everyone is plugging along with their weight loss goals. As we all know weight is easier put on than taken off. But what we also know is that we absolutely can do anything we put our minds to! I want to INVITE everyone to join my DietBet starting Jan. 18th, that's next Monday! I know many are already doing a DietBet or 2 so why not use that momentum to maximize your efforts and join my DietBet too! Weight loss is so much more than just calories in and calories out so this year in my DietBets we are going to focus on all the ways our weight effects us so that we can pinpoint and let go of limiting beliefs and behaviors! I hope to see in the Bet, here's the link to sign up http://bit.ly/BEingLean


11/11/2015 6:59AM
Hello, everyone! I just joined my first DietBet and I'm working to lose about 30-35 lbs. right now, and then we'll see from there! I'm a big proponent of body positivity and health/fitness at any size. Even though I want to lose weight, I also want to love my body at any size!


10/09/2015 9:44AM
I'm new. I like to be called Promise. I live in the beautiful state of Hawaii. I've been heavy all my life and ok with it. As I get older, my weight is causing health issues that I don't want...so here I am. My doctor says I am the healthiest overweight person that she has ever met...Ok...but I want to be the healthiest person ....not the healthiest overweight person...so here I am...I need to belong to a group that motivates one another and get tips and hopefully help someone else along the way. Aloha

shemale s.

08/08/2015 6:58AM
hi im new..my name is Shemale ..would love to lose 30lbs by November.