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Cari Joy

11/18/2015 8:32PM
I was just married in September. I had gained 15 lbs in between buying my dress and wearing it down the aisle- as if wedding planning wasn't stressful enough! Since then, I have picked up another 10 lbs. The saying is "fat and happy," but I want to be "fit and joyful." I am tired of being so busy! Our last wedding event ended last weekend. Once I get through thank you's and finishing moving, my life will be my own again. Or our own? Oh dear, how things change! My man doesn't get it- he encourages my desire, but does not understand or support it. It is hard to try to get fit around someone who has no intention to live healthfully. It is weird when you are no longer making all of your meals just for yourself- cooking with another stomach in mind. I'm needing to make changes for myself and I am going to rock his world while I am at it! :) Phew. Let's go!

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Rachel D.

Cari Joy - I hear you! My husband is going for his PhD right now, and that has become his priority over fitness. After asking him to come to the gym with me countless times and him saying no, I finally emailed my gym owner (Anytime Fitness) and asked if he could connect me with a female partner or two that would be up for 6 am workouts. We've been at it for 3 months now and I love my workout partner. AND I get to be home after work now and spend time with my husband. As for meals - good luck girl. I finally decided I'd make meals for both of us that weren't super healthy, but I started using a smaller plate to help with portion control. That's helped quite a bit.

Cari Joy

Rachel- I didn't even know that was a thing! That is really cool!! It is a really good idea. I just use our apartment fitness center, and I am not really connected to anyone out here. I get home from work before my husband does, so I am working on going in my free time then. I cannot even imagine how stressful it would be to live with someone going through such an educational feat- let alone to be pursuing a PhD and still live healthfully.
Thank you for your tips! And I wish the best for you both. :)