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If the Bridesmaid Dress Fits!
by - 05/10/2015 2:53PM

I bought my dress for a friend's wedding (June 6) back in November. It was a little tight then, and ... Read More ›

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A Letter to My Future Self
by - 04/16/2015 6:34AM

Warning, this may be an odd post for someone to read, but writing these blog posts really helps me g... Read More ›

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The Matron of Honor
by - 06/07/2015 3:35PM

Yesterday was my friend's wedding. She asked me to be her Matron of Honor back in August. Although I... Read More ›

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Success Story #121
by - 04/14/2015 11:30AM

5/19/15- I am now listed as #102. My Success Story was published in the DietBet testimonials recentl... Read More ›

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Running is Hard
by - 04/07/2015 8:00AM

Yep. Running is hard. My whole life, I've hated running, and I've hated to love running. I was a lit... Read More ›

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Harder Near the Finish
by - 02/25/2015 10:49AM

I've been having a rough couple of weeks. It's really put a damper on my mood today, so I thought I'... Read More ›

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How Do You Know When to Stop Losing?
by - 03/25/2015 6:22AM

I weighed in this morning and saw a number on the scale I've dreamed of since July when I was 210 po... Read More ›

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50 Pound Celebration
by - 03/02/2015 9:38AM

Sorry for the skin exposure, but I am super excited about this. I have lost 50 pounds since July! I ... Read More ›

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Let's Not Quit Because of the Baby
by - 02/06/2018 6:03AM

So, I am a DietBet Hall-of-Famer. I joined in the Fall of 2014 and lost 70 pounds over the course of... Read More ›

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159. Not Stopping This Time
by - 03/12/2015 5:41AM

I weighed in at 159.1 this morning. It is an important number for me because it is where I stopped i... Read More ›

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Hall of Fame
by - 04/01/2015 7:47AM

I am so excited to soon be a part of the DietBet Hall of Fame! I've really grown to love this commun... Read More ›

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Things Just. Got. REAL.
by - 11/18/2015 8:11PM

I had my first weigh in today, and I gained 3.2 lbs, instead of losing weight. I have not been on my... Read More ›

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by - 12/27/2015 4:11PM

I finished my first kickstarter last week. I choose to do a transformer first, because long term goa... Read More ›

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Out of my Comfort Zone
by - 07/23/2014 8:20AM

I've lost 50% of my goal (4 lbs) since my official weigh-in. I'm very proud of myself, although I fe... Read More ›

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Day 1
by - 07/20/2014 4:00PM

I have already lost ten pounds, but decided to jump on the DietBet bandwagon in hopes that I will ge... Read More ›

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