Fit Ohio

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Mary T.

11/29/2017 10:36AM
Hello Ohio peeps! New to Dietbet, new to this group, new to giving a damn about my health. Anyone else currently in a game?

Pete the Domer

07/12/2015 12:22PM
new here and to Diet Bet. I'm a Dad who used to be an athlete and now an executive who has all the excuses on why I am now the highest weight I have ever been. Live on the East Side of Cleveland. Just joined a challenge that starts tomorrow. I'M READY. Love Josie's comment on being sick of food/drink/weight taking up so much energy and thought.


Pete!! How are you doing? Still sick of food and eating taking so much energy?


06/07/2015 7:08PM
Hey, everyone! I'm in northeast Ohio, about 45 minutes from Cleveland. Heard about DietBet a few days ago and decided to sign up before I thought about it too hard. Wife, mom to 4 kiddos, childbirth educator. Ready to not have my weight/food be something that takes up so much mental and emotional energy in my life. I'm very motivated by not losing money, so this seemed like a good idea. Thought I'd try to find a few people to connect with and our mutual Ohio residence seemed like as good a connection as any. :)


05/22/2015 6:01PM
I'm in central, just south of Columbus.

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05/17/2015 8:29AM
Hello from western Ohio!

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