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09/15/2017 11:54AM
Hi guys, I've never been tested to see if I'm Gluten Sensitive but I by accident decided to try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and proteins and in doing so I cut out a lot of carbs. When I started introducing just those items I started feeling so much better my dizziness my anxiety a lot of just ill-feeling just disappeared little by little. When I started introducing items back into my diet I noticed that the gluten related foods would make me feel horrible so because of that I decided to just go gluten free. Best decision I've ever made. I used to suffer from intense panic and anxiety attacks and I know my decrease in stress level and positive living has reduced it but I sincerely also believe that a lot of the gluten foods were a great contributor to my feeling so unwell. Took me a long time to realize this but now that I have there is nothing that can make me eat gluten.

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