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11/18/2019 11:22AM
Howdy, first dietbet here and diagnosed in 2014 with celiac. My weight has only steadily increased since then due to my carb quest, or so it seems. How does everyone like dietbet and is it easy to use?


10/01/2019 11:37AM
I am anaphylactic allergic to wheat so I live a 100% gluten free life. I am also ana allergic to eggs. These are new allergies to me so I am learning to adjust. When I changed my diet in March I bean loosing weight. So far I am down 85lbs. I just started my first game.


04/28/2018 11:14AM
Hi all!! I’m just about to start my first DietBet! I’m so excited! I found out about three years ago that I have celiac disease, so I am 100% gluten free!!

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Hi! I am just about to start another dietbet after a break of a few months! I got diagnosed Coeliac at the end of 2014 so similar timeframe :)


01/31/2018 7:19PM
Hey all! I'm new to DietBet, and just getting ready to join my first challenge. I've had chronic tension headaches and migraines my whole life, and my neurologist recently recommended going gluten-free. Any tips (or recipes!) for a newbie like me—to both DietBet and GF eating?


12/14/2017 4:43AM
Hi all! Just began my second DietBet, I'm Coeliac diagnosed three years ago along with my daughter.
I'm in the UK (hence the different spelling of Coeliac/Celiac :P)
Anyone who would like to chat about the gluten free lifestyle or needs advice please feel free to message me.

Natalia B.

09/16/2017 9:15AM
Does anyone have a recommendation for a great GF website with healthy recipes that as lo taste good?


09/15/2017 11:54AM
Hi guys, I've never been tested to see if I'm Gluten Sensitive but I by accident decided to try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and proteins and in doing so I cut out a lot of carbs. When I started introducing just those items I started feeling so much better my dizziness my anxiety a lot of just ill-feeling just disappeared little by little. When I started introducing items back into my diet I noticed that the gluten related foods would make me feel horrible so because of that I decided to just go gluten free. Best decision I've ever made. I used to suffer from intense panic and anxiety attacks and I know my decrease in stress level and positive living has reduced it but I sincerely also believe that a lot of the gluten foods were a great contributor to my feeling so unwell. Took me a long time to realize this but now that I have there is nothing that can make me eat gluten.

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Natalia B.

09/14/2017 3:08PM
Hello Everyone!! I'm waiting to get my Celiac genetic testing back to see if my issues are gluten related. I look forward to "meeting" you all. I just heard about DB a couple of days ago and liked the idea so much that I started my own Shake It Till You Make It challenge because I'm an organizer at heart. :) Sending everyone positive vibes that we'll all meet our health goals!

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Dana A.

09/02/2017 5:53AM

I am 47 and was diagnosed Celiac (along with my 21 year old son) about 7 months ago. I would love to connect with others who live gluten free, need to lose weight and are on the road a lot. It is a challenge for sure.

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02/19/2017 7:53PM
Hello! I do not have celiac, but I do have PCOS and am gluten sensitive. Last time I went gluten free, I got pregnant after 5 years of infertility. I know my body is not happy with gluten. I also know that my mind LOVES bread! Because I tested negative for celiac, I have no support from my family. When I have tried cutting out gluten, they think I'm just jumping on a fad diet bandwagon and invite me to supper while serving pasta. It makes it so tough and I've quit trying. I'm hoping that by reaching out to others, I can get some encouragement and tips to get healthier the way my body needs.

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