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Diatta H.

02/20/2020 3:56PM
My next DietBet challenge starts 3/1/2020. Join us

Nduka C.

09/06/2019 10:04AM
How can I lose weight?

The answer is simple but people make it hard. To lose weight you should burn calories more than you consume each day!

Combining healthy eating with increased physical activity is the best.

Many people think that they will lose weight if they make themselves hungry or if they do exercises without controlling their diets.

The truth is most of them give up quickly, and gain back the weight.

First, understand how weight loss is working

How fat is stored?

When you eat foods, you give your body a large amount of energy (calories) in a short period of time.

There are other tips to find out here.

Alex P.

05/22/2018 4:12AM
Hello everybody!

If you are looking for daily motivation and support in your weight loss join
If you are getting ready your summer,
join our diet bet and have fun to lose your weight with the daily support from Certified Life Coach

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03/28/2018 11:29PM
Hello! I'm hosting a Dietbet! i have lost over 100 pounds! Come join me for Motivation, Recipes and tons of Weight Loss tips that helped me!

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03/20/2018 7:22PM

Cathy Rose

03/14/2018 12:38PM
I just joined Diet bet and have started my 1st game. I'm excited and believe that I can make it being accountable to all of you and winning if I am diligent to stay the course. Thank you group for bing there for me. When I win!

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01/08/2018 10:48PM
2nd week of the year and you haven't started your resolution yet? Well sign up cause we start this week! I have a $10 amazon gift card for the person who invites the most people to join! (Your invitees MUST join!)

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12/26/2017 8:23PM
  • Hello everyone! For anyone who is currently vegan (or looking to learn more about a vegan lifestyle) I just started a Vegan Kickstarter for the New Year! It starts on January 1st! Come join in on the fun! :) All are welcome! Here's the link:

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12/19/2017 8:08PM
Hello All. I started a charity dietbet starting on 1/1. Join me losing weight and giving back to a good cause. Link to the dietbet game-->

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kelly w.

12/01/2017 8:21PM
Hey y’all, hope your holiday treated you well. I am a retired personal trainer (stay at home Mom now) that specialized in women’s health for women who’s BMI is over 29.9. In addition I will be losing right along side as I have baby weight to get off. I’m running a new diet bet called “MISSION SLIMPOSSIBLE “
We post daily work out tips, recipes and positive support throughout the journey. In addition we have excersize challenges, Fitbit weekly and weekend step challenges for some friendly competition. It’s a 20$ buy in and we are striving to make sure everyone wins! Would love it if you could join us:

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