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Biking Syl

07/26/2019 10:39PM
  • Sorry, I'm running behind a bit. Julie just started FITNESS WARRIORS 74! Come join us for July/August motivation!

    $10 bet. The bet started yesterday, final weigh in Aug22/23.

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Biking Syl

07/03/2019 9:51PM
Fitness Warrior's 73
Jun 23 - Jul 20
$10 bet

This is the current Fitness Warriors game:


06/19/2019 7:59AM
I'm searching for the next Fitness Warriors game. Search doesn't show it, but I'm know it's out there. Can somebody post a link?

Biking Syl

04/19/2019 3:09AM
Fitness Warriors 71
Apr 19 - May 16, $10 bet

All right, Julie set up the new bet for April/May. Excited to get started! Let's do this! And of course: new players are always welcome, all fitness levels can have fun here!

or try http://dbet.me/sHlnJs
Either link should work.

Biking Syl

03/16/2019 9:02AM

Biking Syl

02/14/2019 2:43PM
  • Join us for FEBRUARY:
    Fitness Warriors Winter Hustle
    Feb 16 - Mar 15
    $10 bet

Biking Syl

01/09/2019 1:50PM
Fitness Warriors Welcome 2019
Jan 14 - Feb 10 - $10 bet
Hosted by Julie Lama

Thanks for setting up the next game already, Julie!

Please join early, everyone! That way, the bet will show up on the list of new bets when people search for them.

I just joined, was even able to pay with my stepbet winnings - nice!

Excited to get the year going the right way!! New workout plan, new motivation!!


Hope one of these links will work for you guys, both for the same game.

Julie Lama

01/08/2019 12:10PM


12/25/2018 9:14PM
So I joined 3 games that start January 1 need to hit goals next year

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Julie Lama

Just put together Fitness Warriors New year game starts Jan 14th so join and keep mid month momentum.
2019 is going to be an amazing year!!!

Biking Syl

12/09/2018 2:12PM
  • Julie's next bet:
    Christmas Warriors
    Dec 15 - Jan 11 / $10 bet

    Let's get/keep that sixpack for the holidays! A little extra accountability never hurts.

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Julie Lama

Was just going to post.
Thanks Syl