Fitness Warriors

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Julie Lama

07/20/2021 3:18PM

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Julie Lama

06/15/2021 6:56AM
  • Fitness Warriors 95
    See you all there


Julie Lama

05/13/2021 5:32AM


05/12/2021 10:57AM
Knock knock.
Who’s there?
Looking to hook up with you good people once again. Is there a FW94 scheduled?
Just went through a COVID-19 close call with a family member and I need to get grounded. One more day of that on top of a diet of Arby’s most nights has me worn to the nubs.

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There should be a new one starting soon! I'll make sure Julie posts it on here too! Our final weigh in for current game is today, so new one should get set up and start within the next week :)

Julie Lama

Fitness Warriors 94
See you all there!


05/10/2021 9:43AM
Is there another game starting soon? I would love to join you guys again.

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Julie Lama

Yay would live that!
Welcome to next Fitness Warriors 94
See you there!

Julie Lama

01/04/2021 3:39PM

Julie Lama

09/24/2020 8:31AM
Fitness Warriors 87 ♥
See you there!

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Biking Syl

08/20/2020 3:34PM
Julie just set up Fitness Warriors 86, starting August 22. Let's do this!!

Julie Lama

07/21/2020 4:36PM
Our next Fitness Warriors Game.
Come join!

Julie Lama

05/19/2020 7:45AM
Fitness Warriors 83

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Biking Syl

  • Yay!