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01/07/2020 12:07PM
Hey all!! I have been vegan for four years and losing weight for 3. The first year I was just enjoying food again after been a habitual low carb high meat diet. I ate way too much, way too much junk and drank too much alcohol. I've taken a break from drinking and switched my eating habits. I've lost 60lbs in the last 3 years basically following a wfpb diet/forks over knives with a healthy dose of junk food splashed in. Maybe 75/25% wise. I'm current doing vegan keto which I'm planning may be a regular winter thing for me. In summer I gotta eat ALL the carbs. :) I'm a mom and a grandma and live in the Canadian Prairies. Good to meet you all!!

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I wonder if this group being so quiet has something with the groups not being available on the app? Like I can get here on the computer only.


oh me too! Come to think of it that might be why!