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Andra R.

09/14/2020 9:22AM
Hi all! New to dietbet, this is my first. I'd love to hear ways vegans diet. I have been plant-based/vegan since October 2019, and I love the variety of flavors and food in all my meals, without the guilt, it's wonderful! I really can't imagine how I'll "diet" with an all veggie diet as it is! I plan to instead move more, but wonder if there are obvious swaps or easy to make meals that I can use in my meal planning.


Keto D.

08/15/2020 4:32AM
I couldn't stop eating without stopping and I was starting to look fatter 🐮 than normal, but thanks to Keto I lost more than 70 pounds with keto in my first year, no rebounds, it's sustainable Thanks to Keto today I feel great !! always satisfied and sure of myself.

Alyssa B.

02/26/2020 4:59PM
I am hosting a plant based bet, small group, small pot, but hopefully lots of motivation and inspiration! Hope you join!


02/18/2020 12:00PM
Hello, mom of 3, I've been vegan since late 2016. A junk food vegan. Trying to get back to healthy.

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02/03/2020 10:46AM
Hello everyone!

Let's get some chatting happening. Unfortunately you have to log into a computer or use the desktop site on your phone to access this group. But let's make it worth it!

What kind of vegan diet are you following to lose weight? Did you come to veganism to lose weight? Did you lose? Did you gain?

I went vegan on Nov. 1 2015... straight from being a hunter, having a cattle farm and a pretty die hard meatty low carber. It was seeing the WHO coming out with the report that certain meat is carcinogenic that got me interested. Thought I'd try it for a month, but I like to research... so I started to learn the animal reason to go vegan, and OMG, there was no going back after that.

Going vegan I decided to just enjoy foods, and boy did I enjoy them! My weight skyrocketed to about 230lbs. I've switched to a more whole foods plant based (with a healthly dose of junk to keep me sane) and I cycle vegan keto every now and then. Slow and steady I have lost about 65lbs being mindful of the food I put in my mouth.

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I just found this feature, I wish it was on the app too, I never use the non app. What DB are you joining next? I’m keen to have another PB person in my group


I joined the KingFattyCakes Shame Game... OMG the group is so funny! Like I seriously don't care if I don't win. It's a $10 game but it's seriously worth it just to be a part of such fun people.


01/22/2020 1:15PM
Quiet group.... 👀👀

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martin A.

for sure am new member am seeing like its newly started group members are quiet


01/07/2020 12:07PM
Hey all!! I have been vegan for four years and losing weight for 3. The first year I was just enjoying food again after been a habitual low carb high meat diet. I ate way too much, way too much junk and drank too much alcohol. I've taken a break from drinking and switched my eating habits. I've lost 60lbs in the last 3 years basically following a wfpb diet/forks over knives with a healthy dose of junk food splashed in. Maybe 75/25% wise. I'm current doing vegan keto which I'm planning may be a regular winter thing for me. In summer I gotta eat ALL the carbs. :) I'm a mom and a grandma and live in the Canadian Prairies. Good to meet you all!!

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I wonder if this group being so quiet has something with the groups not being available on the app? Like I can get here on the computer only.


oh me too! Come to think of it that might be why!


12/31/2019 7:50AM
a doctor i spoke with told me to eat the majority of my calories in the morning and early afternoon; he suggested 600 for bkfst, 400 for lunch and 200 for dinner. He also said avoid flour and artificial sweeteners, and to get strength training in regularly. I started Sunday after having a bit of an off-plan early morning snack of leftover cornbread and 13 potato chips (255+150 calories or 405 total calories), and lost .2 lbs for a total of 1400 calories on Sunday. Then yesterday I tried all of this with no flour whatsoever, but with about 400 calories each meal for a total daily intake of 1217 calories with the exception of avoiding the artificial sweeteners and actually gained 2.6 lbs. I'm not sure that it's the artificial sweeteners because I still lost Sunday a little bit but had had some artificial sweetener in my coffee that morning. Does anyone know any pointers other than the elimination of starches that could be derailing my progress? any other helpful diet tips? I've also previously tried a low carb (3 g carbs) 90 calorie shake for breakfast with a 300 calorie lunch and a 200 calorie dinner, for less than 900 calorie intake that day or two, and did not lose but the doctor said do not eat under 1200 each day.

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amy m.

12/28/2019 10:44AM
Working on cleaning up my diet to whole food, plant based. I’ve eaten so much junk food (It’s embarrassing to say I’m vegan)! Really over did it for Christmas. I needed the week after to settle back down. I know meal prep is going to be a necessity. Starting two challenges (one month, and six month) on January 1st.

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12/19/2019 2:03PM
Hi everyone! So excited to be here and doing my damn thing as a vegan :-) Congratulations to all of you for starting this journey and I'm looking forward to sharing ideas and tips as we forge ahead!

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