Yoga for every body

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11/28/2017 9:23AM
Hello! I just joined and wanted to introduce myself :-) I'm Steph, I teach a Body Positive Yoga class once a week, and I luv Yoga! I'm on my own fitness journey as well. I luv talking about Yoga as well as practicing. Have a great Tuesday!


10/01/2015 6:48AM
Hello I have always wanted to learn more about yoga and now with being diagnosed with asthma I was thinking a little yoga might be something I can do when I am sure I am not going to be able to get my cardio in. Would love to learn more I am a pole dancer and I dabble a bit in the aerial arts (silks, hoop, trapeze), and I am guessing it would also help with greater balance and flexibility.

Mindy R.

09/21/2015 4:09AM
  • Here's my set up for most yoga practices. I use props for safety and comfort. I normally practice with 2 blocks, a few blankets, a strap (or 2) and a bolster. I find the props help me focus on alignment and prevent me from injury.

Mindy R.

09/21/2015 3:57AM

Hi everyone! I was surprised at the low number of yoga groups, so I started my own. I'd like to support and encourage those interested in doing yoga for the first time, or those coming back to yoga after a break. I'm a registered yoga teacher and an acupuncturist. I'll be focusing on only yoga in this group. Join me! I'll answer your questions and help guide you into meaningful movement. 

I also teach women with PMS & painful periods to do at-home practices so they can be pain free & happier through yoga, Chinese medicine & aromatherapy at