Dirty 30s

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Jen B.

07/31/2017 1:47PM
Hi everyone - I'm 34 years old and currently living in New Zealand (though I'm a Brit and studied in Indiana, so a bit of a globetrotter really!) So far, I would describe my thirties as.....podgy. I got married four years ago, and have been in honeymoon mode ever since. My husband is 6 ft 8 and I've been enjoying cooking him lots of delicious meals, sharing bottles of wine at night and going out for dinners etc. However, it has finally dawned on me that I cannot eat the same portions as a very tall, active man and expect to remain a reasonable weight!! Working from home also hasn't helped. I didn't realise how much of an impact that work structure and having people around has on healthy eating, but it definitely does. Anyway, it's time for everything to change. I'm doing one kickstarter and a transformer and feeling very excited and confident :)

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Hope your first one went well...are you still looking for motivation??
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