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02/09/2016 10:22AM
How are you mamas doing in the contest so far? Did you meet the round 1 goals at all? One thing I've been doing is not really eating much of anything until my kids are done and have rejected part of their meals. This is because I'm definitely one of those "I'll just finish what's on their plate" people in order to not waste food.

I also just found a barre (yoga/pilates/ballet barre) studio that has childcare during classes. You still pay for it, but not much. I'm hoping to try it out this weekend.

Cheryl E.

01/10/2016 8:21AM
Hope everyone is doing well. I am trying to work up the energy to start exercising daily. Hard with a 5 year old and 18 month old at home.

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Rachel Z.

01/04/2016 5:20PM
4 days in, the baby has been sick since New Years Day, and now I think I'm getting sick too. So glad this is a 6 month challenge and I decided against going for the more aggressive 4 week challenge! My first week is shot! :(

Marchel D.

01/04/2016 5:11PM
Hi all. I've joined today. Looking for motivation and encouragement.

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01/04/2016 6:45AM
I'm here! Yay!

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