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11/07/2016 7:46PM
Hey Ladies!
Any good ideas out there to share of yummy kid-friendly snacks? Anything more creative than apple slices and cheese cubes? Easy for me to change what I am eating, but need ideas for the kids. They eat fairly well, but are not adventurous eaters. Help!

Lea K.

10/09/2016 8:00PM
I can't wait to get started!!!


01/05/2016 9:33AM
Just started another round of Whole30!

Jessica T.

12/31/2015 5:21PM
Hey mamas! Just joined dietbet for the first time. I'm excited!! Is anyone else still active in this group? I don't see any activity? If you're all still on here, I would love to know where you're at in your health journeys! I just did a grocery run and got all sorts of healthy snacks, but I'm trying to think of indoor activities to do with it being so cold & having 3 little ones around! Any ideas? :)