Over 50 and fat

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04/24/2018 9:51AM
I'm new to DietBet. I'm over 50 and my desk job is killing me.


04/15/2018 5:10AM
Hi I'm Joan, I am 56, live in the UK but am originally from NY. My problem is that I stress eat. Living in the UK has been a challenge for me from the beginning. I have gained over 60 lbs since I got here. I'm hoping to get some inspiration from my fellow over 50's :)


07/26/2017 5:29PM
I Just LOVE your title!!! :)


05/05/2016 7:19PM
Hello Everyone, I'm 65 and still trying. It's just too miserable to give up. I'm from Northeast Texas and I can't wait to get started and do this on May 10. Good luck to all in this group and to all in my Transformer Game.


05/03/2016 7:39AM
I achieved my first successful verified weigh-in.


05/02/2016 7:30PM
Hi I'm new here. Weigh in on the end of my first diet bet is tomorrow. I think I've got it but not 100% sure. Lots of suspense. Someone at work complemented me on my weight loss. I didn't tell her. She noticed. Looking at the header I think I will celebrate by painting my toenails.


Congrats Tina! :)

Joni H.

03/11/2016 9:31PM
Hi everyone! I'm Joni and I'm over 50 and fat. Thus begins my journey on DietBet.
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Oh, Joni..one thing. The Fitness Warriors group is a group I can really recommend. Great bunch of friendly and encouraging people. Fitness Warrior 35 is about over (2 weeks I think) and the Fitness Warrior Transformer 2 is still on. Anyway, next time you do one, you might want to give that a try. I love the whole bunch of them.

Nancy M.

I am beginning my first Dietbet today. So far, so good - but it's only 6:30 am LOL. I am 65 years old and motivated to ensure many more years of good health for myself. My first challenge is that I am having guests over for dinner tonight and tomorrow night!


02/28/2016 5:45AM
Well, we made it 4 weeks! YEYYEYEYYE....it was a LONG 4 weeks. Kathy, I don't know if you are going to continue on, but I joined the Fitness Warriors 35 AND Fitness Warriors Transformer 2 (6 month one). Don't know if you are interested.....


02/26/2016 7:05AM
Well only 6 pounds lost this month.. will not make my goal, or win any money.... BUT... I WILL take 6 pounds!!! it is 6 pounds of over 100 pounds I have lost in the past year. BUT when health issues and medication throw you for a loop, you have to let go of the anger, frustration, depression, and keep on keeping on!!! I will get to my goal, I may be 90 years old and having wheelchair races for exercise BUT I will continue this battle. I have many friends going through MUCH rougher and more emotional battles and for me to keep holding onto mine is selfish and wrong. SO therefore, step on women warrior, continue the fight, except the setbacks, rejoice over the success, and as a dear wonderful special young later who sadly lost her life last year unexpectedly believed in 'Energy like you, has no beginning and no end. It can never be destroyed, It is only an ever shifting state' (by Panache Desai) I believe in my heart deep inside that she is with me, encouraging me to continue the fight to keep on keeping on to be strong.... So yes I will!

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02/22/2016 4:12AM
Final week and feeling the pressure! I hate when you have a date you HAVE to be a certain weight, makes me do drastic things that are not necessarily good for me. How many of you feel the same? I hate not accomplishing a goal, and you would think at my age I would have a grip on this. I do find it disappointing the lack of encouragement this site gives. Seems to be geared for those that are able to exercise and are younger. I have posted on a few different areas and other than a dear friend that I knew before hand really haven't gotten a lot of support. OH well just excuses, lets hope I can get things moving or i'll be the 'biggest loser' once again! :P


as in 'loser' not biggest lost .......