Motivated by Fitbit (and other fitness trackers)

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01/09/2018 8:08AM
2nd week of the year and you haven't started your resolution yet? Well sign up cause we start this week! I have a $10 amazon gift card for the person who invites the most people to join! (Your invitees MUST join!)

Michelle N.

01/05/2018 9:39AM
Hi I just joined Dietbet. All new to this and excited about making my Fitbit work for me to the max! I just need to locate my charger which I misplaced a few days ago!


10/18/2017 10:26AM
Our game has just started Its called "Scrambled Legs & Achin'" Come join us bet $20 and get that 4% off in 4 weeks!! You still have plenty of time to join a supportive, motivational game with some amazing people! We are 4 months strong and not stopping there! 4% is enough to push yourself in the right direction and get that weightloss journey on a downward slope as in the weight going down!!!! We have prizes!!!!!!!! I love motivating and want to make the game more fun and personal and motivating...Invite your friends!!

Debi K.

09/05/2016 2:08PM
Hello! I'm excited about DietBet. I just discovered this the other day and I'm in! Being over 60 is not easy so I need all the motivation I can get to be Healthy and Fit! I hope to motivate others!

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08/05/2016 1:12PM
I've finally done it. I've started my own diet bet! I'm kind of excited and nervous at the same time. I love the idea of helping others reach their goals, but what if no one joins? I'm going with the if you build it they will come philosophy and just hoping for the best! 2 players down 298 to go to reach my goal!

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