Last Few Pounds

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Barbara A.

03/02/2015 2:34PM
Hi There,
I started Weight Watchers on May 7, 2015 and am down 85 pounds to date. I started my first transformer game on August 12th and started my fourth and last transformer game on February 18th. I have 5 pounds to lose to get to the top of the WW range and 15 pounds for the dietbet and I will put me in the middle of the WW range for my height. This last game is going to be the biggest challenge of entire weight loss process and I would love to connect with others that are are approaching their goal as well.

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I hear ya! I lost 17 pounds 1 month after I gave birth. My baby is turning 6 months in 2 weeks and I am just trying to lose the last 10 pounds so I can be back to my pre pregnancy weight. The last pounds are so hard to lose mainly because I get comfortable knowing I had already lost weight. We can do this!!! Just a few more push. :)