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Are You Addicted to DietBet?
by - 07/26/2014 10:52AM

I ask this question because I think I may be addicted to DietBet.  I finished up my last DietBet gam... Read More ›

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Unusual Diet Plans - Fast-5 - IF
by - 11/02/2014 6:43AM

I decided to write this because I get a lot of questions about my choices that I follow to lose weig... Read More ›

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It's official - I need Diet Bets to keep me on track
by - 12/31/2014 4:36PM

I've loved Diet Bet ever since I first joined back in July. I quickly got into doing three Diet Bet ... Read More ›

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Donate your miles to a favorite charity
by - 12/14/2014 10:45AM

I just learned about this great app called Charity Miles. It's available for free for both Apple and... Read More ›

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Health is wealth.
by - 03/08/2015 3:50PM

I believe its the best kind of treasure I can pass on to my kids. Its the treasure of taking care of... Read More ›

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Danger Will Robinson, Danger!
by - 09/06/2014 6:27AM

I can’t believe that I’ve already finished (and won!) 4 Diet Bets by now. It seems like I just start... Read More ›

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New Lifestyle for me!
by - 01/29/2016 7:23AM

I have toyed around with Eat to Live for about 6 months now.  I was using the Alternate Day fasting ... Read More ›

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DietBet to the Rescue!
by - 07/16/2014 10:44AM

I'm new to Diet Bet (only one week in), but I'm really enjoying the accountability and extra incenti... Read More ›

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I'm afraid to get rid of my fat clothes!
by - 09/02/2014 4:02PM

Back in 2009 I finally had enough of my fat self and lost 40 pounds. I went from 152 down to 112. It... Read More ›

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Playing the Game while on a cruise!
by - 01/29/2017 5:04AM

We are retired. We cruise a couple times a year, sometimes three. I always tend to put on a few poun... Read More ›

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We are all winners
by - 08/19/2014 9:40AM

Well, my second Diet Bet 4 is officially over. I'm now 2 for 2! But I know there will probably come ... Read More ›

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Hello. My name is Lori and I'm a Carboholic
by - 10/28/2014 7:27AM

I was kind of hoping that eating right would help to curb my cravings, but no such luck. If anything... Read More ›

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Struggling with your diet? Over meal prep? This could be your solution!!
by - 10/23/2015 12:02PM

You know that the definition of "insanity" is doing the same thing over and over, expecting differen... Read More ›

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We can do this!
by - 01/29/2015 6:32PM

Food and our past don't control us! We can do this guys!  Read More ›

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Well, here we are in November!!
by - 11/12/2017 9:21AM

Seems when the end of the year rolls around, I starting thinking about my weight.  I am back on the ... Read More ›