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Electric Bill

09/03/2018 1:19PM
I'm getting there. Slowly, but surely.
I guess it takes what it takes, but I had a medical urgency that required an extensive surgery to get me back on track.
The surgeon said that he had never seen someone blow out 5 hernias at once. A record for him (and OUCH for me) -- and that was my WAKE UP call. The doctors/surgeon said that having that much extra weigh on/in my body causes that extra pressure from the inside out. Hence, an "explosion" when I went to lift a (what used to be easy) heavy box of work stuff.
Earlier this year I clocked in at just under 250 at the doctor's office. I'm 5'9" -- that's well into the obese range of BMI tracking. With DietBet, I am now back down to 205'ish. My db game this time says I "WIN" at 206, but I'm shooting for under 200 -- which puts me back into OVERWEIGHT. I never thought I'd be happy to shout out that I'm now "OVERWEIGHT," but the history of being obese puts that into perspective. My surgery in May gave me even MORE perspective on getting healthy. My blood pressure (stroke alert at 240lbs) told me to get with it.
HAPPY to say, My depression, my relationships, my health, my looks, my ME are doing so so SO much better.

Thank you DietBet!!

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