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11/11/2017 10:05AM
I love all the positive support we give each other! Sometimes all of the groups and posts and facebooks can get too much! Come join me in our game "GET YOURSELF OFF THE SHELF" and join a group of friends that all have goals like yours! We love to chat, support, challenge and cheer each other daily! Small enough to feel much more personal but not to small that its quiet!! We would love to have you join our crew!! Starts the day AFTER Thanksgiving!


10/12/2017 8:33AM
Our game "Weapons of A$$ Reduction" ends today, so that means we are ready for the next challenge!! Check out "Scrambled Legs & Achin" at this link-->
4% of your body weight in 4 weeks to either kick start your weight loss journey or pick up where you left off and continue pushing to your next goal! $20 entry and lots of chances for participation prizes!!!!! All my participants are finishing a game so no one has signed up yet because they will be using their rewards to pay for the next one! My tribe is on a roll and losing an average 5lbs a game!!! COME JOIN US!!

Laura G.

10/02/2017 7:19AM
On week 2. This is my second journey with Medifast. It really does work for me, but it is hard to stick too. I have absolutely NO energy - can hardly get through YOGA.