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12/07/2017 7:26AM
I try to stay under 1200 calories per day. If I go over that I gain weight. I also have to make sure those 1200 calories are "real" food and not "junk" food. If I eat anything that's bad for me I gain weight. It's nothing like when I was younger. If I eat the amount of calories (1340) that are recommended for me I gain weight. If I stick to "real" food under 1200 calories I can lose 2 pounds a week. I walk 2 miles a day with my dogs and try to get an hour of cardio in per day.

Kathy C.

12/05/2017 12:12PM
Just joined DietBets and plan to count calories. 1250-1400 per day. Anyone else doing the same?


11/29/2017 12:00PM
How many calories are you guys eating per day?