I am beginning the process this week. I am serious about my goals. Want to not fall into that eat and load up to make my weight go up before start. That is not what this is about to me! I think it will be easier if I get into the zone this week.

Here are my BIG 10! The 10 things I'm focusing on  This week and then for the WHOLE challenge.

The big 10!

1 - wean off sugar and artificial sweeteners to the bare minimum

2- no white flour products, only grain products

3- 5 servings a day minimum of fruits and veggies

4- Increase Water Intake

5- Drink Lemon water 1st thing in the AM

6- Wear My Movable fitness band tracker every day and hit a minimum of 11,000 moves a day

7- Keep my lean protein intake up

8- Read every label and track my food intake

9 - No Food after 8 PM

10- Try one new Clean Eating Recipe per week at least to keep from getting in a rut