PSA for the the side effects/drug interaction of any med you put in your mouth.  My neurologist prescribed a med last Thurs for my tingling/numb toes (Tizanidine) along with physical therapy.  I was at the gym Sun, and started feeling dizzy/faint while on the treadmill--got off treadmill and was stumbling/running into things/barely could stand up, dizzy.  Somehow I got to the locker room, and managed to drive home (though I wasn't sure I should...knowing I'd be home by myself for over an hour, and what if something happened to me?)  Immediately layed on the couch when I got home, as moving around made me nauseous, and even laying down the room was spinning.

Although my head protested, I did get up to get some water and food, in case this was brought on by dehydration or lack of food (but, I was confident that wasn't the case).  I spent the next 3 hrs on the couch--it was only after that amt of time I was able to move around without severe head pain, or feeling like I'd be sick.  I looked at the side effects of the drug prescribed, and one of the top side effects was dizziness.

On Mon, I did go to doc--I was dizzy (not nearly as severe as night before) and still had a whopping headache.  I thought I should probably at least discuss what I experienced with a med professional--she examined me, did blood work and and EKG.  Glad those all appeared norm.  On Tues night, I thought there had to be more to just taking the med that was still causing my head to hurt so much--so I looked up drug interactions online ( I don't recommend Googling typically, as most symptoms you have only show that you're going to die on the Internet).  I was interested to come across several articles that basically said the same thing--the one I printed off "25 Most Severe Caffeine and Drug Interactions"--(I drink my fair share of caffeinated tea on a daily basis)--my med was on this list that already has severe in the title of the article, but I find that my med is the only one that has red lettering next to it, denoting it as "severe"--and the effects you could expect are low blood pressure, dizziness, light-headedness and fainting.  Hmmm...that sounds familiar.

After reading that in several place, the one place I went back to was the info sheets that come with the med--welp, no place on those sheets does it say not to take this med with caffeine--there are only two other meds highlighted.  Needless to say, I'd stopped taking this med ASAP.  And, today, my head finally feels like I'm back to my old self.  Hoping that was the cause of this fairly scary incident.  From now on, I'm not just going to pop any pill I'm prescribed.

Hoping to get back into the swing of things where exercise is concerned tonight, after a 4 day "unplanned" break.