Yup, I first attained the 100 lb lost marker in Spring of '12....been over & back across that line a couple  times since...oy !!  Is this the time I remain below that mark??  Why do I lament about it ever so briefly when I creep above "the line"??  And, after that brief amount of time, I recall why I started (and stay) on my healthful journey.  I wouldn't say I'm a slave to the scale, but being able to see that number is a real, concrete way to gauge physical progress.  And, yes, the physical aspect does figure in to why I started & continue, fighting the good fight.  Not only talking about appearance...although, I am a bit ashamed to say that I did not exist in the photo album of my own life for nearly a decade, because seeing meant believing what I was allowing to happen to me...so pics of me, such as the before in the pic accompanying this blog, was "borrowed" from family member's photo albums...so glad my aunt didn't listen to me when I told her not to take my pic.  Otherwise, there would be no record of my existence from 2000-2010...no kidding.  I joke that I've spent the last 4 years making up for lost time where picture taking is concerned (lots & lots of pics).  I'm not a size 4, and really don't aspire to be (and, I guess that takes me back to the point of my blog), but I've learned to really accept me for me.  And, should have been doing so all along. I've been me all along...I'm just a healthier looking me nowadays.

The trifecta (maybe with a couple of bonus benefits) of the "whys of good health for me" are body, mind and spirit.  I started this journey due to poor health (physical & mental)--since dropping weight & building strength/endurance--my collective medical "numbers" have changed dramatically--I'm a whole different person on paper, and all of the symptoms that sent me to the doc in the first place are gone.  In addition to the medical aspects, I can do things I never thought possible (I'm not going to bore you with a list--but it is long)--things that don't require me to be a lightweight, but in "normal" range for my height--and adding strength training has been a game changer for me.  If you're getting up their in age, like I am, and some kind of strength training isn't in your exercise regimen--add it, you'll be glad you did.  I have energy to burn nowadays.

The mind & spirit "whys" really kind of go hand in hand.  Making time for my workouts, walks, "me day" trips, is really important--I am someone who thrives on routine.  For those of you just starting out with your fitness journey, if you would have told me 4 yrs ago that I would "crave" working out/exercise, I would have told you you were a little loco.  I look forward to my workouts--it is my "me" time, and when something interferes with it, it makes me a little crotchety.  My workouts are a time for me to reflect on things in my life, or maybe just to crank up my music and not think of anything at all, to plan, or pray (I do a lot of that).  The last 5 yrs has been really really stressful/hectic for me--4 tragic deaths in my family, mom's terminal illness, kid's graduations, kids in college, kid's marriages, huge changes at work ....I really don't think I could be making it through as well as I have managed without my new found focus on health (dare I say, a focus on me...so so selfish...huh?).  I obviously can't control everything that happens in my life, but I like to be able to control/manage those parts of my life that are within my capability. And, it does a body (and mind) good !!  Try it !!!

Yes, till now my little story has been all about me.  But, my little changes have really affected those around me (and, affected positive changes amongst some of them).  I like to think I've become a good, healthful role model for the kids.  I find it funny that I get "water bottles, health mags, workout clothes, etc" for gifts from them now.  When we go on trips, they aren't only looking at good places to eat in those locales, but opportunities for exercise/adventures.  I have the confidence to be a joiner/participater--I'm still very much an introvert, but I'm networking more, and connecting with several people in the community (and online) to work on my health related goals (and then some)...getting support & being a support really feeds my passion to continue on my path. 

I am the quietest person you will ever meet, but it really has become my mission to share how much my "transformation" has changed me with anyone interested in listening--I want as many other people who are thinking about it to do the same....because it really is that amazing (and, I'm not selling anything...just an idea).  Yes, the path of progress to where I am has not been a straight line (and obviously, that hasn't changed), but I've said this before, and am saying it again, I always knew I'd reach my goal (the # I had set way back when), because I BELIEVED I would.  What I need to do is keep making goals and challenging myself....will those goals be to remain at, or below, where I am weight wise??  I don't know (at some point where a # is concerned, maybe you just say "enough", and that is simply good enough)??  I've just got to keep asking myself what I want to do, and why I want to do it, and make time for me to do it....why?  BECAUSE WE'RE ALL WORTH IT !!

Do you reflect on the "whys" of your goals....or is it just me??  I think too much !!!