Welp, I've been on my fitness journey for a couple of years now....I started the journey off with a bang, losing weight like gang busters from simple changes with food intake, and mostly just walking for exercise.  About 6 months down the road I thought I needed to add more to my regimen...I've seen Chris Freytag and her Motivation Monday clips on our local news for years--but didn't realize her "reach" extended beyond the Twin Cities viewing area.  But, one Monday I was watching a clip of hers about interval training--I was intrigued.  I "liked" Chris' page on Facebook, and did some research to find that she had workout DVDs--I purchased her 10 Lb Slimdown workout, once the kids were back in school, I committed to doing the workouts on a regular basis--and, they were a workout--I couldn't do all of the moves, but I did the best I could, and modified where necessary.  I saw results from that pretty quickly. 

A couple months down the road, just after Christmas, Chris was coming out with a new workout DVD--similar to the one I had, but a little more intense (The 10 LB Slimdown Xtreme)--I ordered the DVD, and I saw Chris was doing an online FB Challenge--welp, if you really knew me, you'd know I'm not a joiner--I'm quiet, and prety much speak when spoken to.  Took a leap of faith, and clicked the "accept challenge" button.  What was I getting myself into?  The 28 day challenge in this closed FB group started in February 2012--there were (are) about 500 members in this challenge--I'll tell ya, I've never worked so hard in my life following that routine to the T.  Again, I was not able to do the workouts 100% of the way they were demonstrated...but again, I did the best I could, and modified/skipped where need be.  And, I saw results quickly.  After 28 days, our group was not ready to be done--we did this rotation many more times, and have thrown in other challnges--this group still exists today.  I've never been part of a more encouraging, supportive group of people, 95% of them I have never met live and in the flesh--but, it is like we all know each other.

I say I have not met 95% of the group members--but, again, outside (way way way outside the comfort zone), me and some of the other group members here in MN started planning to get some of our group members to meet.  The pic accompanying this blog was basically where the planning started...it was Chris' group, what we needed was Chris to be part of it.  Welp, I asked Chris if I could come to one of her HIIT classes--so so so nervous (and I was still just weeks past recovering from a concussion...this was going to be hard, and harder since I hadn't been able to workout consistently just prior).  I asked partly because of the challenge of the class (oh yes, doing things outside of my comfort zone and a real challenge have become a hobby of mine), and partly because I was going to ask Chris if she would consider being a part of a meet up for the group.  So happy that I lived to tell the tale after the class--an excellent workout--and happy Chris said yes she'd be part of our meet-up.

A couple months later we had members from NY, CA, TX, IL, MO and several MN's converge in MN for a meet up--so so much fun (again, I don't talk to people, especially strangers I've met over the Inter-web)--we had a meet & greet at one of the members homes (Chris graced us with her presence--even though we knew how busy of a person she was).  And, the highlight of the weekend was participating in Chris' class she did just for us--we were kind of the guinea pigs for her HIIT DVD that would be coming out just months later.  You won't meet a more genuine person/trainer than Chris--so energetic, supportive and inspiring. 

Still doing Chris' DVD workouts--I have 5 of her DVDs now.  Due to adding the strength training, I've been able to complete 70 "events" in the past couple years (runs of different lengths, mud/ice obstacle runs, a triathlon)--I participate in classes at the gym (I'm horrible at zumba, but it doesn't stop me from trying).  You really don't know what you can do until you really give something an honest try.  Success breeds success....and I'm still wondering what I've got up my sleeve next??

For the record:  Chris doesn't pay me to say any of this--I just think that highly of what she's got to sell, and that is good health, and feeling good about yourself.  So happy she, and my "Team Xtremers" have been part of my health journey, because I decided to take a chance and join something....just like some of you may be doing with this challenge.  Yes we can !!