I lack focus A LOT.  I have to constantly be in a state of mind that even though I can celebrate a weight loss on the scale, I can't let that be some gateway to eat bad stuff again.  That is always my downfall.  I have a lot to lose, and while I can be proud of myself...I have to use that to work a little harder each week.  I lost 1.8 pounds this week...which was what I expected since I had a big loss the first week. I slipped a little on my eating afterwards..but it was not a horrible offense and I realize now I wanted something sweet.  Solution=green smoothies. I totally spaced on that and made a PB&J sandwich.  Again, not horrible, but I have to switch my mind to that type of thinking before I reach for the bad option.  Here's to losing weight and gaining more focus---that is the goal.