Just finished my first DietBet Transformer today!  Glad to say I came in three pounds under my goal weight.  I was pumped...I have not weighed this number since 2003.  2003...wow.  In three more pounds I will weight the same weight I met my husband also in 2003.  He has loved me through all my weight up and downs, and even jumped on the weight loss train with me.  His support, and the support I got through everyone on my DietBet has been the reason for my success....which is why I jumped into another Transformer.  This one will being me very close to my goal weight.  I know this one will be more difficult than my first..always hard to lose weight as you get closer to goal, but I am not going to let that get me down or discouraged.  I learned so much about myself and my relationship with food and exercise the first six months, and I have to keep getting out of my comfort zone to make things happen.  This year has been the best year of my life in regards to my health and fitness.  That happiness has spilled over into every other facet of my life and made me live better, stronger and want to do more and more.  Even better, my two year old daughter recognizes that Mommy works out and eats well and she wants to do the same! Her baby pushups are awesome.  I want her to grow up knowing how to eat and exercise right and while she will have all the same treats and fun as I did growing up, she will know how to handle them as a healthy strong kid.  I never want her to have to struggle with self esteem issues and bullying as I did .  I know I cannot protect her from everything, but I feel like showing by example can only help in the long run. 


So here is to the next 23 pounds down...23 more pounds that wont ever weight me down again!!